Why buy cruelty-free?

So, I want to explain why I decided to create this site. I have always been an animal lover. I currently have a dog, a beagle named Bailey, a cat, a tabby named Tiger, and a horse named Scout. Last year I became aware of an organization called Beagle Freedom Project, a group in the U.S. that rescues beagles from laboratory testing. Their work, among other things, pushed me to try to switch all of my household products over to cruelty-free items. Something to note – I am not vegetarian, although I find that I cannot eat “cute” animals. I own leather purses and shoes. I no longer buy anything with real fur but I do have a jacket from the 1940s with a real fur collar. This site is dedicated to showcasing “cruelty-free” products i.e. with no animal testing. Finding these in Canada is not always easy or obvious. I’m still working on my own transition. I’m here to help share my experiences and dilemmas, while providing available options and product reviews. Hope it helps anyone out there who is thinking of making this type of move!

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