Watkins Cleaning Wipes

A few years back I bought a pack of 2 large containers of Lysol wipes at Costco. Those suckers lasted forever! I use them regularly, for quick wipe-ups in the kitchen and to immediately de-germ stuff I bring home from the thrift store (particularly kids’ toys). When faced with replacing the Lysol wipes, I hit a wall when searching in stores. The only alternatives seemed to be Green Works – owned by Clorox, no thank you!

So I went to the web and of course my fave site well.ca had a solution for me. J.R. Watkins’ All Purpose Wipes are exactly what I needed. So much… nicer… than Lysol too. As in, not full of chemicals! They are a new staple at my house! They are such a go-to item for fast/convenient cleaning. Let me know if you find any others!

Product: J.R. Watkins All Purpose Wipes in Lemon ($6.49) or Aloe & Green Tea ($6.49), 35 wipes per container. I had the lemon scent and it isn’t strong at all. Nice.

Where to Buy: at well.ca here.

J.R. Watkins All Purpose cleaning wipes

Photo credit: well.ca

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