Travel Size Hand Cream at Dollarama

In these long winter months, my hands will crack and bleed if I don’t keep them super moisturized. I put hand cream on almost every time I wash my hands. I was making a quick stop at Dollarama the other day, and I spotted Sensations hand cream (made by Delon, which I’ve posted about before here). At a perfect size for your bag or for leaving at work, this cream is also perfect for any budget at 50 cents each! My store had Vanilla and Pomegranate. The one downside is that this cream does contain parabens, but when I’m only using it on my hands, that doesn’t overly bother me.

Product: Sensations Moisturizing Butter, $0.50/22 ml (listed at 2 for $1.00).

Why I Love It: It is a great size with a great scent (I tried the vanilla). It is super cheap and last but not least, it is made in Canada. Also perfect for gifting to friends and family.

Where to Buy: Dollarama

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