The Battle of the Toilet Cleaners

Are you ready for it? Okay, I admit it, there is really nothing I can do to make this post exciting. But let’s face it, toilet cleaning is something we all must deal with in life (unless you are lucky enough to have a maid and if so, I am severely jealous!).

Since this product is so underwhelming, I didn’t want to spend much when looking for an alternative to the regular drugstore variety, all of which are not cruelty-free. So the two I settled on trying were by Nature Clean and Method.

The results? Both work. Really I would recommend either one. Since then, Method has replaced the one you see in my photo with a larger container (without a curved neck – tsk, tsk). The price seems to work out to not be too different when you take into consideration how much product you are getting.

So why have I decided to stick with Nature Clean from now on? It came down to national pride; Nature Clean is a Canadian company. I love the story on their site about how the family started it when their mom had severe reactions to the harsh chemicals found in the usual household cleaners. And anyway, the Method product seems to be out of stock at regularly which is just annoying! Nature Clean is also more readily available in brick and mortar stores.

Where to Buy: Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner, $6.29 for 1L, online here or at several major store chains across the country (view entire list here).Method Antibac Toilet Cleaner, $5.79 for 709 mL, online here. I have not been able to find it in retail locations that carry other Method products.

Happy scrubbing!

Method and Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaners

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