This past weekend my horse Scout and I competed in a show, jumps up to 2 feet. It was so hot and humid and my arms got burnt. I was so angry with myself for forgetting to apply sunscreen. Being as fair as I am, I really should know better. It also reminded me that I need to tell you that I think I have finally found a cruelty-free sunscreen that I can recommend and stand behind.

It wasn’t easy! I tried a few and they can get pricey. Green Beaver is basically a bottle of grease. Badger’s isn’t bad, but has a granular texture and turns white on the skin. It is hard to rub in. This was okay for my son, but not ideal, and for $19.99 I thought it should be perfect.

I finally decided on Alba’s sunscreen. It is the most “normal” of the products out there. I tried 2 of their products, the Sport 45 and the Facial Lotion. Both are a nice normal texture, rub in easily and aren’t heavily scented. They aren’t too greasy. The price is average. I plan on sticking with them through this summer and possibly trying more brands if I can catch sales. I consider this to be an ongoing search.

Products: Alba Sport Sunscreen 45 SPF and Alba Facial Sunscreen Lotion, $12.99 each. I’ve seen them on sale at Real Canadian Superstore for $9.99. Picked up some at the end of the season last year for even less!

Why I Love It: Well, LOVE is stretching it a bit far. They work and are the best of the not so great selection out there right now!

Where to Buy:, Real Canadian Superstore. Possibly others but these are the places I have personally found it.

And yes, I came home from the horse show and got in my pool!

Alba Sunscreen Facial and Sport 45



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