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Your razor probably isn’t one of the items that comes to mind easily when you think about going cruelty-free. It’s been a whole year and a half for my household, and I was still using my Gillette Venus. Recently I posted a list of some of the worst offenders in animal testing, and Gillette is on it. So, I figured it was about time to switch, as I don’t want to keep buying blades from them. I don’t want ANY of my money going to a company like that.

The only real alternative I have been able to find (recommended by Beagle Freedom Project) is called Preserve. The easiest way to find one in Canada is to order it from here. It comes with 2 triple blades, and they sell replacement packs. Aside from being cruelty-free, the Preserve razor handle is made of 100% recycled plastic, and is itself recyclable, which I think is awesome!

In my photo you can compare it to my pink Venus and older purple Gillette razor. Now, I used it once and it did the job just fine. The blades are great. But… as you can tell from the photo, the Preserve handle is pretty small. Skinnier than the Venus, I found it hard to hold onto… and I have small hands. Although it works well, I don’t really find it to be very user-friendly, if that makes sense. Also, on the image is green. I was sent a dark grey version. Not that it matters… but now I wish I had added a note to send me a girly colour! Yes, I’m being silly. I don’t know the range of colours available (their site just says “Assorted Colours”) but their functionality is lacking since you don’t get to pick.

Solution: My Venus is headed to the trash. My older purple sparkly Gillette razor just happens to take the Preserve blades perfectly (they hook in at each side). My mom bought this for me about 14 years ago, so it has sentimental value (I know, weird, right?). It is a “sunk cost” as my sister the accountant would say, meaning Gillette got their money for it that many years ago, so I don’t see a problem with continuing to use it if I buy the Preserve blades for it.

Product: Preserve Razor with 2 blades, $8.29 at, Pack of 4 triple-blade replacement cartridges, $8.99 at


L to R: Gillette Venus, Preserve, Gillette (older model)


2 thoughts on “Preserve Razors & Replacement Blades

  1. I’ve searched long and hard for cruelty-free razors and always have my eyes open for new options. I used the preserve razor at one point and wasn’t impressed, but I think the version I had was slightly different. Sounds like I need to give it a second try!

    • The blade seems fine – handle I’m iffy on. Hence my decision to just use their replacement blades going forward 🙂

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