Out and About, New Brands Added

Just a quick note as I haven’t been posting here too often. Please “like” my Facebook page as I am much more active there. I haven’t been trying out too many new brands lately but am still very active in researching companies! And thanks to a lot of reader in put, my list of cruelty-free brands available to Canadians has grown substantially! I’m hoping to categorize this page better soon so you can tell which companies do what. Check it out and especially consider all of the great Canadian companies on the list.

Also – this weekend, July 19, for anyone in the GTA, I will be helping out at the Big on Beagles charity table at the AMAZING Bahr’s Saddlery anniversary sale. Come out and enjoy the BBQ; all proceeds will be going to this wonderful charity! Plus, you can meet and greet some of the adorable beagles rescued by BOB. If you know any horsey people, this is the best sale I have ever seen – crazy deals to be had all weekend.

8 thoughts on “Out and About, New Brands Added

  1. Hey 😀 LOVE your initiative in helping people chose right when it come to cosmetics! Iam an animal lover and i live in Norway. But my boyfriend lives in Canada and I’m going to visit him in two weeks and when i come i would love to switch out everything in his bathroom to animal-cruelty free products 😀 If you don’t mind (since I’m not familiar with the brands in Canada) could you give me a list of SAFE brands to look for in drug stores, TARGET, Walmart including shampoo´s, toothpaste, soaps ect… I hope you don’t mind me asking 🙂

    • The best advice I can give is to follow my list of cruelty-free brands. Maybe print it out and take it shopping with you? Hope it helps!

  2. Big on Beagles charity table at the AMAZING Bahr’s Saddlery anniversary sale. Come out and enjoy the BBQ;

    Hi Kelly:

    I’m big on beagles; my furkid died when she was almost 16 yr. old.

    Re the above quote (yours), does that mean meat was used in the BBQ? Or just, say, veggie shishkebobs, etc.?

    Thanks very much for your work, keep it up. I started using cruelty-free cosmetics decades ago (maybe 40 yrs?), using BWC (Beauty without Cruelty). It was made in the UK & they had pamphlets w/ colors representing the product color & they didn’t always match when the lipstick, etc. arrived. But who cared, not I.


    • The BBQ was put on by Bahr’s and there was definitely meat (hot dogs) on offer. Although I was at the sale, this blog was not connected in any way officially and what is served is up to the store.

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