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In this blog I generally focus on how to shop so that your money doesn’t support animal testing. However – I realize that there are multiple layers to the issue of animal cruelty – for example, I have also begun making an attempt to keep my wardrobe cruelty-free. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to go out and buy all new things, but as I replace items, I am planning on choosing cruelty-free options.

So – I used to be crazy about brand names. After reading a few books on marketing and the clothing industry, I no longer feel like handing over a lot of money for a brand-name item that was made in a country that offers super cheap labour so that some designer or company can make a HUGE profit off of me.

I started with my wallet 🙂 I was a big fan of Kate Spade until they moved all of their production from Italy to China. Of course their prices didn’t go down! I sold my old wallets on ebay (shocking how well they hold their value) and went in search for a new non-leather wallet… but hopefully not a cheap-looking vinyl or nylon one.

I fell in love with my final choice on Etsy; it is completely handmade by someone in Alaska, using fabric only plus the necessary zipper/buttons. I was a bit concerned about how the fabric would hold up but after a couple of months it’s still looking like new. It was decently priced and it makes me feel good that I paid someone a reasonable amount to craft a one-of-a-kind item just for me.

Product: Wallet by BrooklynLoveDesigns, $50US

Why I Love It: It is handmade and made well. Also, it’s super cute with details like the patterned lining.

Where to Buy: Here on She also makes adorable key chains!

Wallet by BrooklynLoveDesignswallet2

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