Announcement: Exciting New Partnership

Did my headline draw you in? Well, this IS an announcement and it IS exciting, I think. Last week I was honoured to get a call from the Canadian division of Humane Society International, asking if I would like to collaborate with them on their mission to end animal testing in Canada.

HSI is a body working for legislative change to ban cosmetic animal testing within our borders. Of course I jumped at the chance to be able to help in any small way with this campaign. According to polls, 88% of Canadians feel that testing new cosmetic products on animals isn’t worth the pain and suffering that test subjects endure. So why is nothing happening to our laws to catch them up to how we think and feel about animal testing? The government needs to be pushed to make changes.

I highly encourage you to visit HSI’s website, like them on Facebook and follow their progress. I will let you know of upcoming events and ways in which you can make your voice heard!

Here’s hoping that by this time next year no animals will have to suffer in Canadian laboratories for cosmetic product testing.

Humane Society International Be Cruelty Free

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