New Family Member…

At the end of January, my family got a little bit bigger – we took in our second rescue beagle, Laura-Bell. Named after a famous Kentuckian, she came from a rural Kentucky shelter, dumped at 10 years old after being deemed no longer useful as a breeder. She came with some health issues, including heart worm, but everything is taken care of and now she is doing great! At half the size of my other dog, Bailey, this little girl is just 18 lbs and so sweet. She was scared of everything at first – she was kept in an outdoor kennel so had never known a real home with real love. Kids especially frightened her, but now she cuddles up to my son on the couch and gives me kisses on the nose! We have just fallen in love with her. Bailey… tolerates her. ha! Which is good enough for now.


4 thoughts on “New Family Member…

  1. Congratulations on adopting/fostering Laura-Bell! I follow BOB as well and I’m glad you opened up your house and heart to another Beagle.

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