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The last couple of years I’ve been doing my own pedicures to save money; if I do treat myself and go out for a mani/pedi, I always bring my own polish because I am picky about colour and never end up liking what I pick out at a salon. I decided to try E.L.F. (Eyes-Lips-Face) polish even though I was extremely skeptical about it being any good, being only $2. I ordered online as I was willing to give some of their products a try.

All I can say is – I am amazed. The biggest problem I have is finding time to do my toes right – base coat, 2 polish coats, 1 top coat. I rarely have time to let each coat dry properly. I end up doing it at night after my son is in bed – but even with 2 hours before bedtime, I would wake up in the morning and still find smudges – argh! With the E.L.F. polish, I did it like 20 minutes before bedtime and got NO SMUDGES. It applied smoothly and evenly, and this no smudge thing is nothing short of a miracle in my book. At only $2 (and they send out 50% off deals on orders over $25 all the time) I now ordered pretty much every colour I think I might ever use – as their shipping to Canada is around $15 – I wanted to make it worth it.

E.L.F. products are carried at Target locations in the U.S. (and Walgreens and Kmart) but the location I visit in Niagara Falls, NY does not carry nail polish so I am unsure if it’s an online exclusive. WORTH the shipping to Canada. The other brands I looked at ranged from $13-$20 for ONE bottle so even with shipping this is a steal. My second order I shipped to my U.S. address in order to save that cost but now I have to wait awhile until the next time I go to pick things up.

Product: E.L.F. brand nail polish, $2.00 (US) per 10 ml bottle.

Why I Love It: It is better than the non-cruelty-free versions I used to use, and it’s so cheap! They offer a wide range of colours and often have special colour sets as seasons change. Sign up for emails and get free shipping (US only) or 50% off orders over $25. No deals for shipping to Canada ($15) so order enough to make it worth it! My order came within 4 days which is pretty awesome for cross-border online shopping.

Where to Buy: Online here.

E.L.F. Eyes Lips Face Nail Polish Cruelty Free

2 thoughts on “Nail Polish – E.L.F. (eyes.lips.face.)

    • I haven’t tried too many of their products, but I’ve been generally happy, given the price point. Didn’t like the “tinted moisturizer” I tried as foundation (nothing now can beat my all natural mineral powder one by Cheeky Cosmetics). I LOVE ELF’s lip exfoliator. At this time of year, I’m using it almost every night before bed to clear off any chapped hanging skin before I put fresh lip balm on for the night. They also make an eyeshadow primer that for $1, works amazingly well. Way back in the day I used to use a similar product by MAC under my eyeshadow that was around $36 so the ELF version is a steal!

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