Nail Polish Remover

I came across this nail polish remover by chance one day on a regular trip to the dollar store. Not only is it cruelty-free, it is made in Canada and it’s super cheap! In the image below, the one on the left was purchased at Dollarama, the one on the right at a random dollar store. I had to buy that one when I saw it since I have never seen Strawberry nail polish remover before.

Product: DELON nail polish remover, available in Regular, Strawberry and other formulations in multiple sizes.

Why I Love it: It does the job; I see no difference between it and any other polish remover. Delon is a Montreal-based brand. It’s cheap! Best bet is Dollarama, who sells it for $1.25/300 ml. The Strawberry bottle I found for $1.50/200 mL in a one-off “dollar store and more” type store.

Where to Buy: Dollarama and other non-chain dollar stores across Canada. 

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    • Hi! Demon prints right on their back labels that there is no animal testing. In addition, i have corresponded with the Vice President of Delon via email. Thanks!

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