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So, I braved the deep-freeze here and went out to do my grocery shopping and other errands on Sunday. I needed a couple of things from the dollar store, and everywhere I looked I kept finding more great cruelty-free products! So, I present to you, my most recent Dollarama Finds:

1. Daily Defense Shampoo and Conditioner with Moroccan argan oil: okay I know this is a total “fad” ingredient right now and I got completelyย sucked in. But how could I resist? $2 for each of these and they are HUGE. I used it last night and so far, so good. No problems to report! And BONUS – it’s made in Canada!

Daily Defense Morrocan oil shampoo and conditioner

shampoo back

2. DELON Body Cream – Coconut Lime. They also had Mango – I regret not getting both! I wanted to test it out first, though. This cream is nice, rubs in easily. Made in Canada!

body cream

And here are a few things I saw that I didn’t particularly need right now, but I thought were great deals:

Daily Defense Hairspray

Daily Defense Hairspray

Freeman Bare Hands Lavender Hand Cream

Freeman Bare Hands Lavender Hand Cream

Freeman Bare Foot Cream and Scrub

Freeman Bare Foot Cream and Scrub

Delon Baby Oil - Made in Canada!

Delon Baby Oil – Made in Canada!


17 thoughts on “More Dollarama Finds

  1. I swear I’ve checked Freeman products before…. How did I not know they were CF???
    And I had no idea Daily Defense was. Woot!!! Thanks.

    • Hello my name is Mila I’m kind of new to all this I’m slowly switching over all my products to animal cruelty free products. I’m having difficulty finding hair mousse any advice?

      • hmm Does Live Clean not make mousse? I find hair mousse in general seems to be not as readily available – it’s more gels, etc.? What are you trying to achieve with the mousse?

  2. Nice! I’ve seen the Delon body butters in Costco, but as they were a big package of about 5 tubes I didn’t pick them up as I’d never tried them before. Will have to check out our Dollarama and see if they have these. Thank you!

    • oooh Ann! This is interesting info. Next time you are at Costco, snap a pic for me! What scents were in the pack? Price? We let our Costco membership lapse, but I do get my sister to pick up Delon Cotton Rounds there for me once in awhile. It’s a huge pack so it lasts for months, and they are good quality, made in Canada – can’t go wrong!

    • Hey, good news! check out to read about the Delon body butters. We have an insane satisfaction guarantee policy for the Delon Body Butter line. and we ship all over Canada.

      Buy 3, 6 or 12. If after using it for 30 days you can honestly say you are not satisfied, get a full refund no questions asked. Even better, you get up to 60 days to let us know! For the best part, check out our page ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ha ha! thanks! I haven’t really found anything new lately… sigh. Make sure you are signed up for email, and be sure to “like” the page on Facebook. Then you’ll know when a new post comes out and you don’t have to keep checking back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi I used to find delon creams and other products which I loved at the dollarrama but for a long time I have not been able to find these products any mre I live in Brantford Ontario Thanks Miriam

  4. I found Down Under Naturals hair gel at Dollarama in Kitchener-Waterloo with bunny logo for $1.50 or $2.00, also found their shampoo and conditioner at Walmart – giant bottles of each for under $4.00 with bunny logo! But where is their hair spray???

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