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Guys, the struggle is real. My hair has always been a source of frustration, anger, desperation – you name it. “Blessed” with naturally wavy/curly hair, of course I have spent my life attempting to force it into straight submission.

Needless to say, my poor hair puts up with a lot, with being dried and straightened and restraightened every. single. day. I am picky about products and this was one area where I had yet to be really happy with a brand – until now. I’ve tried everything from salon brands to dollar store shampoos (“it’s all the same isn’t it?”) to all-natural blends. Nothing really felt right until Alexis from MoNat hooked me up with some free samples.

MoNat products are natural AND vegan (woo hoo!) but I was a bit leery considering I’ve tried other ‘natural’ shampoos before and hated the way they felt. There was even a warning that the MoNat shampoo might not lather as much as my usual shampoo (because it doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that create the later effect). However, I found it lathered plenty compared to others I’ve tried, and I wouldn’t have even noticed a difference!

I had never heard of MoNat before and now I can’t stop talking about it! I have tried three of the samples I received and am an enthusiastic believer. You know how commercials often talk about how you have “buildup” on your hair? After using the Revive Shampoo and rinsing it out, before putting conditioner in, my fingers were “squeaking” through my hair. I’m not even kidding – my hair felt “squeaky clean” to the point where I actually stopped and starting feeling my head to see if it was real, because I don’t recall that happening with any other shampoo. I went ahead and finished off with the Revitalize Conditioner and couldn’t believe how good my hair felt after.

About a week later, I finally got around to using the Rejuvenique Oil Intensive; I had held off because I figured I would never really use a product like that, I don’t have time to sit around and wait for something on my hair and I saw how pricey it was and thought I’ll never order it anyway. Well – it turns out, unlike a lot of hair remedies, this one can be applied as a pre-shampoo treatment and doesn’t have to be on as long as others. So I slicked back my hair with it while I washed my face before getting in the shower. When it came time to do my hair I rinsed it out then used my usual drugstore brand of shampoo and conditioner I wanted to finish off. I was shocked at how manageable my hair seemed after. It blow dried straighter and faster.

If you can’t tell yet, I am a complete MoNat convert. So much so that I joined up as a “Market Partner” (with an initial cost) in order to get the product discounts, which is something I would never usually do. Yes, the products are pricey but I would say they are comparable to many salon brands, especially if you sign up as a VIP customer (requires auto-ship ordering) or a Market Partner and receive the discount.

I ordered the shampoo and conditioner right away, and am now planning to order the Oil as well. For the moment, I can’t imagine using anything else on my hair. The products are also meant to prevent thinning hair and hair loss (bonus! My hair has already gotten thinner from all the straightening) and there are testimonials from people who previously suffered from eczema on their scalp having banished it forever thanks to MoNat! I hope you will check them out and be as happy as I am!

MoNat shampoo and conditioner

I’m actually excited to wash my hair tonight lol! It’s usually such a chore.

8 thoughts on “MoNat Hair Care

  1. Can u find this product in health food stores?Im from Niagara Falls,Ontario and my family and are currently using live clean products.We all have sensitive skin,would you say this product is compatible in results to MoNat?

    • No. Monat cannot be found in health food stores. Not in Waterloo Region anyway. I have never used the Live Clean line so I’m not sure what the results are or how they would compare. I do know that Monat line is vegan and cruelty free. The ingredient read is quite extensive so I wouldn’t call this a natural product, however it does work very well. When I researched each one on EWG, I would give the product a rating of 1 overall (which isn’t a risk). Not sure if that helps you at all? It is a fairly new company to Canada and the west coast is actually starting to use it in a few salons 🙂

  2. My name is Danielle Long I’m a market builder with Monat Global. Also a hair stylist of 14 years these are by far the best products I have ever used in my hair !! I’ve been with Monat for 5 months and my hair is so amazing!!!! Full , shiny, healthy, growing faster then ever. Barley shedding and so nice to know I’m not filling my body with chemicals!!

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