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I generally don’t get too personal on this site even though it technically is a “blog”. That’s not what this particular blog is about. I just wanted to let all of my readers and subscribers know that I’m still here and looking forward to posting more in the near future. My summer hasn’t been the best – okay, that’s an understatement. After being sick for awhile, my grandfather died July 3. So it was somewhat expected, but I think I was in denial until he was actually gone. We were close, and my entire family is still just devastated and missing him like crazy.

Three weeks later, my sweet Laura-Bell, my Snookums (my dog who you may remember from my post “New Family Member”), died from cancer. She was diagnosed back in April but again, I was in complete denial because she had no symptoms (the cancer was discovered basically by accident). This was the first time I’ve had to make the decision to put an animal down, and so in addition to my grief, I was feeling guilt as well.

I feel like I’m slowly emerging now, battered and beaten down but finally ready to pick up life again, including this site. I hope you all understand my absence and stick around for more to come.

My wedding - never too old to sit on my grandfather's lap.

My wedding – never too old to sit on my grandfather’s lap.

Holding Snookums (Laura-Bell) this past April at a Big on Beagles event.

Holding Snookums (Laura-Bell) this past April at a Big on Beagles event.

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  1. Two things. ..

    First, I am so sorry about your baby Snookums . I had an old girl cat, Mitts. She got very ill and I had to have her put down. I still think of her a lot. It’s been 12 years. It was devastating to see her go. Oh my, did I cry. Still do sometimes. But, it was a good decision as she was suffering so much. I’m glad you had the strength to help Snoocums. God bless you!

    Secondly, thank you so much for your website. I appreciate it so much being a fellow Canadian and also in my 2nd year as a vegan. It can be difficult to switch. But, I started with my food. Now I am working on everything else.

    THANKS for being here,

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