Review: LaRitzy Cruelty-Free Monthly Beauty Box

I was lucky enough to be gifted December’s beauty box by LaRitzy. Until contacted by them, I had no idea this existed and I think it’s awesome! If you didn’t get what you wanted this Christmas, wait no more – buy yourself the gift that keeps on giving every month. The only downfall I have to mention is that all prices are in US dollars and as you probably know, our dollar is terrible right now and not looking to get any better anytime soon. So the exchange into Canadian dollars will hurt a bit. That’s not the company’s fault though, obviously.

LaRitzy box

My first impression upon opening the box was wow, they packed a lot of stuff into this little box. In total there are 7 items included. Aside from 2 mini samples, everything appears to be the standard size you would get if buying the product on its own somewhere. I haven’t heard of ANY of the companies included so bonus! 6 new cruelty-free companies to be aware of. A card giving information about each product and its value is included. I checked out the values on my own and they all hold true.

LaRitzy Box Opened

I’ve seen beauty boxes in the past that friends have received and been unhappy with because the products included seem to be the colours no one can use, or products no one really wants. This is not the case here. I feel like everything I got is useful and appropriate, and I am picky! So let’s get to the details!

My box would have cost $29.99US (including shipping) for 1 month (the price goes down if you sign up for a longer term). Items included this month:

1. Trust Fund Beauty nail polish – full size. It’s a sparkly silver polish made for the holidays. Doesn’t get more seasonally appropriate than this. To purchase this item alone would be $15US.

Trust Fund Beauty Silver Nail Polish  Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish Box

2. Studio Aroma nail cuticle oil – full size. Made in British Columbia! Again, seasonally appropriate, something I definitely need in these dry winter months. Value is $12 Canadian. Already close to making up for the cost of the box!

Studio Aroma cuticle oil

3. The Konjac Sponge Co. facial sponge – my coworker oohed and ahhed over this one. She is a makeup fanatic and thinks these are amazing for washing your face with. I had never heard of them but it sounds great – it’s a vegetable fibre sponge that exfoliates and removes makeup with or without cleanser. Value of $12US.

Konjac Sponge Co.

4. GlamNatural Mascara – Black, full size. This is a $28US value on its own! Amazing. I generally wear brown mascara but I recognize that I’m in the minority and for most people, this is an awesome item to receive. If I like it, I’ll definitely be ordering it in brown – it’s exciting for me that they even make brown because a lot of cruelty-free companies don’t for some reason! NOTE: after publishing this post and taking out the mascara to use – it’s actually BROWN that I was sent – SCORE! wahoo!

GlamNatural Mascara

5. m.o.t.d Cosmetics Brush – vegan and crusty-free smudge brush (a type I actually don’t have!), $9-12US value. Basic and useful.

m.o.t.d cosmetics smudge brush

6. GlamNatural blush sample – a cream blush sample that is a basic colour, nothing crazy.

GlamNatural Blush Sample GlamNatural Blush sample back

7. Bodisafe Beauty Night Cream sample – I am very interested to try this as I find there aren’t that many cruelty-free night creams out there and the Arbonne one I’m currently using is costly so I’m going to try this one and see what the cost difference is.

Bodisafe Night Cream

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed. Remember, I wasn’t sent a “curated” box just for me. I was sent the same December box sent to all subscribers. Time would tell if every month it holds up the value with more great products, but so far I’m dying to sign up for more! There are 3 options – month to month at the $24.99 (plus $5 ship)US price, or the price goes down if you sign up for 3 months at at time, and the best value is received by signing up for a whole year at once. I was mostly excited to discover all of these brands I had never heard of, when I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the cruelty-free beauty space.


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