Kitchen Soap

How is kitchen soap different from regular hand soap? I’m so glad you asked! I tend to use a different variety in the kitchen because it’s all about being clean when I’m handling food. In the washrooms, I lean more towards moisturizing soaps. In the kitchen it’s all business!

Also, much to my surprise, the soap in my kitchen seems to be the one that gets used up the quickest. So I look for less expensive options. On one of my random regular trips to Dollarama, I found a Lime hand soap by Delon that meets all my needs. It’s a nice clean  feel for the kitchen with a light scent, and it’s cheap! The bottle is even nice enough that I don’t mind having it sitting out on my kitchen counter.

Product: Hand Soap by Delon in Lime, $1/500 mL

Why I Love It: It’s made in Canada. It’s cheap. It contains “certified organic aloe”. Need I say more? Cons: it does contain SLS, which isn’t nice for the environment.

Where to Buy: Dollarama

Delon Lime Liquid Hand Soap


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  1. I was buying the Delon liquid hand soap at Dollarama in a larger jug for refills, but now it seems Dollarama has quit selling it and is only carrying made in China liquid soaps. At least in my city.

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