Kids’ Toothpaste by Kiss My Face

I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only mom out there who has faced a battle when trying to get my son to brush his teeth every night before bed. It’s hard to get kids to understand the importance of this activity and how much they will regret it if they don’t take care of their teeth.

Things usually start out okay – when you first introduce the concept to toddlers, it’s new and exciting. But the novelty soon wears off, and parents often resort to buying the toothpaste products put out there by ‘cruel’ companies with images of our kids’ favourite characters on them. And most kid products are made in sugary flavours to entice kids into using them.

There are several options available for cruelty-free and natural toothpastes. Not so many are child-friendly. I was so happy to find Kiss My Face “berry smart” toothpaste. The most amazing part is that they offer options with and without fluoride! This is a new twist to me as all natural toothpastes I have seen have been fluoride-free – but you might want your kids to have it to promote oral health – with this product the choice is up to you!

Product: Kiss My Face “berry smart” toothpaste, price varies, approx. $6 – $7 per 96g tube.

Why I Love It: My son uses it! It has a cute critter on the package, it lasts a long time so the price is okay, and best of all, you can choose to have fluoride or not.

Where to Buy: This is the hard part – the Kiss My Face site does not include a store locator for Canada. You can buy the fluoride-free version from here, and both versions are on here but you have to sort through to find a decent price. Some of their products are sold in Real Canadian Superstore and other grocery chains. Or check your local health store.

Kiss My Face berry smart Kids Toothpaste

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