It’s back – AGAIN!

Thought I would let you all know that the famous DELON makeup remover is BACK IN STOCK at Dollarama! I found it at one of my local stores (Mississauga, Ontario) on Sunday… looks like the reason it’s been off the shelves for months is that it was undergoing yet another package redesign. It is still priced at $3 but has much less in it I think… still a STEAL as the ones I’ve been using as substitutes just aren’t as good!

PUR(e) Delon Makeup Remover Dollarama

2 thoughts on “It’s back – AGAIN!

  1. I found some too in North Bay!
    Thank goodness its back!! Ya!! And WHAT a steal!!
    BTW check out this product at the dollar store $3.50 Argan Oil Serum (with dead sea extracts)by Mineral Fix.Made n Israel..Has the bunny cruelty free label on bottom on the box 🙂
    Don’t let the word OIL fool ypu- I have oily skin and this stuff is so light weight and tingles when you apply.Super face absorbing and OH MY GOSH my skin is so soft after(and I have very re active skin generally to most products!)

    A so MUST try!!!

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