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I’m not sure about your area, but around here last week was hot, hot, hot! And with the heat came humidity. I generally flat iron my hair every day but in weather like that it’s pretty pointless – as soon as I step outside, it just starts growing. I’ve been looking for a product to help with outdoor issues from the sun and moisture as well as damage from blowdrying and flat ironing.

I decided to try Fuzion “hot headed” spray that I found at Dollarama for 2 whole dollars (oh happy day!). And I was pleasantly surprised. I am pretty sure this is leftover stock that Dollarama bought (i.e. not a made-for-dollar store item). My hair felt great after and following a blowdry, I didn’t bother flat ironing it and my hair stayed the same throughout the day. Very impressed!

The bad news – the web site for the company doesn’t work. It relinks to another company where Fuzion isn’t listed as a brand. I can’t find out anything about the company online. I have a sinking feeling that the company has gone out of business and that’s why leftover stock is being sold off at Dollarama. So all I can say is – get it while you can! Very sad, considering that not only is it cruelty-free, it’s also “Proudly Canadian”! 🙁

Fuzion hot headed spray Fuzion hot headed spray back label

3 thoughts on “Hair Heat Protection

  1. Bonjour!!!

    I have found a web site were “Fuzion”‘s products are. It’s from Belvedere International Inc. : .

    I have a question regarding “Belvedere International’s mention of that little rabbit at the back of the bottles. I know it means that the company does’nt test on animals. BUT is it true? I don’t find their name on the “cruelty Free Canada” Web site.

    Can you tell me if there’re honnest with that mention?

    Merci beaucoup and have a great day!

    • Hi, it’s true! You’re right I should add Belvedere to the list. I think I have listed products made by them for example, Natures Basics bubble bath, but not the parent company. I will fix that!

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