Free Natural Deodorant Sample!

Get a free sample of Purely Great natural cream deodorant here! I chose the unscented and it took about two weeks to come in the mail. I keep forgetting to actually try it… oops! This is a Toronto-based company. The downside is – even if I like it, I personally find the price prohibitive since I am happy with my current roll-on by Naturally Fresh (about $4.99). That being said, right now the Purely Great deodorants are on sale, $3 off ($12.99 instead of $15.99) and having never purchased it, I can’t say how long it lasts compared to other brands so the price may be more than fair. Let me know if you try it, what you think!

One thought on “Free Natural Deodorant Sample!

  1. Got my free sample in the mail. I also went with the unscented. Don’t really like the texture of it, the cream feels sticky. It’s been humid today but the deodorant has held up so far!

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