Cosmetics (and their ingredients) are one of the product types most tested on animals. I’m not going to say they aren’t important, but I do find it sad that animals are tortured for something so shallow. When I decided to go cruelty-free, finding alternatives to my regular makeup was one of my top priorities.

I considered trying products from The Body Shop, but since I have previously discussed my dilemma with them, I thought I would widen my search and see what’s out there. Fortunately I came across a great Canadian brand called Cheeky Cosmetics. The woman running this company makes all of the products. I decided to try the mineral foundation and I love it. I had only ever worn liquid foundation but now I can’t see myself ever going back. One of the great things is that on her web site, she offers samples for $1 each, so I purchased 2 of those first to judge which colour I wanted to go with. What a great idea!

I ordered online, and in my package were a couple of eye shadow samples that I am also enjoying. I plan to go back for more!

The Product: Cheeky Cosmetics mineral foundation, $25.

Why I Love it: Easier to apply than I thought (with a brush), it provides amazing coverage and conceals redness. I am very impressed. I also use it as a concealer; if I have any spots I want to hide I just apply a little bit more there and it works great! Shipping costs are reasonable.

Ingredients: Check out their list here.

Where to Buy: Online here or check out their store list.

2 thoughts on “Foundation

  1. I use Tarte cosmetics (foundation, bronzer, blush)…I don’t think that they are Canadian, but they ARE animal-friendly and all-natural and I just love them! Even though they are quite expensive, I am pretty sure that I use less make-up now because they stay on my face longer throughout the day. So I suppose the pricey-ness can be somewhat canceled out by the fact that I’ll have to buy makeup less often–or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself! 🙂

    • That is a new brand for me, I will check them out! Love new discoveries… I think your explanation is perfectly reasonable 😉

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