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Strangely enough, most women go through life never giving a thought to the fact that once a month, we insert something that has been chlorine bleached into our bodies – or at the very least, come into contact with it (this goes for pads too!). Feminine care products also usually have some level of dioxin in them – a toxic carcinogen that settles in fatty tissues in humans and has been linked to cancer, among other things. So why do we continue to use these potentially harmful products? Probably because until recently, there hasn’t really been an equivalent alternative.

I personally cannot stomach the thought of some of the more environmentally friendly options such as reusable pads and menstrual cups. However, Natracare sells a variety of tampons and pads that are unbleached and made from organic cotton. So far I have only tried the tampons and can give them a glowing review, namely because I didn’t notice any difference between them and any regular drugstore brand. You can buy them with or without an applicator.

Product: Natracare Tampons, generally around $8 – $9 for a box of 16 Regular with applicator. Non-applicator version can be purchased online for $3.49/box of 10.

Why I Love them: Made from organic cotton, they are chlorine free. They feel like any regular brand (and I’ve tried them all from Tampax and OB to Life brand and other store brands). They work just as well. Basically – they do the job and I’ve had no issues with them!

Where to Buy: Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores, some Metro locations, or online from well.ca and many other online retailers.

3 thoughts on “Feminine Hygiene Products

  1. You should give cloth pads or a cup a try at least. You could just get one cloth pad and see how it goes. They are really much more comfy. Or read about it a bit to be more comfortable with the idea. I felt the same way as you for a while but now that I’ve switched to cloth pads and cups I will never ever ever go back. 🙂

    • I’m lucky enough now to have an IUD so no need for ANY products at the moment – wahoo!!! A period-free life is pretty amazing lol. I encourage others to try your suggestion though!

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