Eye Makeup Remover – the Saga Continues

Okay, it’s not really a “saga”… but several people have been asking about the Dollarama “Delon” brand eye makeup remover I posted about a long time ago. It’s a staple for me, but lately it’s nowhere to be found on store shelves – sadly. This happened once before, and all of a sudden, months later, it came back with new packaging. So there’s still hope!

In the meantime, I ran out of my last bottle and had to scramble to find an alternative. I thought I would share this since many readers seem to be having the same issue. If you are looking for something easily accessible, I have tried Marcelle’s in the past (available at Shoppers Drug Mart) and it does the job, but I find it oily (I think they have an oil-free version now but I haven’t tried it). My choice for a substitute product is by Beauty Without Cruelty (it’s all in the name, huh?!), and I ordered it from well.ca here.

Yes, it’s smaller than the Dollarama one, and much more expensive – we had it good, didn’t we? On the bright side, it’s the closest one I’ve found – same consistency, not oily, etc. It is comparable in price to others on the market.

Anyone found any other makeup removers they like?

Beauty Without cruelty eye makeup remover

8 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Remover – the Saga Continues

  1. Green Beaver Eye Make-Up Remover – also available from Well.ca.

    I love this, it’s extremely gentle, has no fragrance, is not oily, has none of the nasty chemicals, and does not sting my eyes. And they are a Canadian company.

    More expensive than Beauty Without Cruelty – I may have to give that one a try 🙂

  2. Just a head’s up on cosmetic manufacturing in Canada, and Delon in particular. As manufacturers, they can claim that their products are cruelty-free, because they don’t manufacture the raw materials they use to produce their products, they are purchased from outside sources, some sketchy, some not. You won’t know if the manufacturers of the raw materials do any animal testing. If you want a true, cruelty-free product (or organic), look for the Ecocert logo. Ecocert is an outside body that audits manufacturer’s supply chains. The audits are voluntary and strict. Manufacturers pay a premium for these audits. I worked at Delon, it was a company focused on profits, not product quality. Products were produced specifically for Dollarama, based on price point, and when that is the case, the ingredients are sub-par.

  3. Thank you for all your work in maintaining this site!
    I just discovered Beauty without compromise (amazing lipsticks) and i was wondering if you will be adding them to your list
    Also, i live in Calgary, anybody knows if i can buy their makeup in one of the natural food stores rather than order it online?

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