Dog of the Day….?

Although I live out in the ‘burbs, I work in Toronto next to the CNE grounds, which happens to be the home of the Toronto Police Force’s Mounted Unit. I quite often get to see some of these officers when I’m out and about picking up lunch etc. Today’s dog horse (!) of the day is Trooper – soooo beautiful! I met this handsome boy a few days ago and asked permission to take a photo.

Some interesting facts you may not know – Toronto police horses have to be either black or ‘bay’ (dark brown) in colour, have to be all around the same size (the saddles are interchangeable to allow for officers to get going in a hurry!) and they have their manes and forelocks completely shaved off. As they are mainly used for crowd control, the hair is removed to prevent anyone grabbing/pulling it. It’s sad to think that protesters would resort to hurting an animal, but it can happen.

Toronto Police Mounted unit officer and horse

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