Dog of the Day – A New Cruelty-Free feature!

I work in Toronto, in a downtown area known as “Liberty Village”. In my almost 3 months here, I have discovered that it is a haven for dogs. There are dogs everywhere. On our morning trek to the local coffee shop, I always meet a dog. I have decided to feature a dog of the day here on Cruelty-free in Canada as a reminder of what inspires me to pursue a cruelty-free life.

Today’s dog – I met this cutie this morning; he was sweet and okay with being petted. I tried to get his name but he was a bit nervous about me reaching for his tags so I gave up, not wanting to stress him out. You can probably tell from the photo that he is very intently waiting for his owner to come out. My coworker Jenny has named him Gandalf the Grey. So – just another dog I’m not being cruel to!

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