I want to tell you about this deodorant called “Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal”. Don’t be scared – I promise I’m not going to tell you about some crystal that you get wet and rub under your arms. We’ve all heard those stories about hippy “crystal deodorant” that doesn’t work at all. Don’t be turned off that my favourite deodorant has the word “Crystal” in its name.

It is actually a liquid roll-on deodorant. Yes, that part of it can be a pain. However, it works so well that I overlook that. I’ve just gotten used to making sure I put it on about 5 minutes before putting a shirt on. I usually put it on then let it dry while doing my make-up. The timing seems to work out well. Reviews online seem to indicate that this product works equally well for both genders.

Hopefully everyone knows by now that “anti-perspirant” products are not good for you (your body needs to sweat). So this deodorant doesn’t prevent sweating, but it does prevent odour. I’ve been using it for years for all kind of activity including very sweaty workouts (spin class!) and never had a problem. I have also heard good things about the same brand’s “spray mist” deodorant, especially if you want to reapply during the day and don’t want to use the same roll-on. I think the mist will only be found online though.

Product: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal roll-on (liquid) deodorant.

Why I Love it: This deodorant prevents odour and is unscented, which I love, because I find that a lot of the major brand scented products end up just smelling bad. This product does not stain – no more shirts being ruined! I used to regularly have to get rid of shirts due to the yellow staining problem – not now! This product is great for everyday use and for working out.

Ingredients: water, mineral salts, zinc ricinoleate, xanthan gum, chamomile extract, phenoxyethanol

Where to Buy: Can be found at all major drugstore chains, Wal-Mart,, etc. Usually can be found for $3.99 if you check around.


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  1. I understand that a person does need to sweat , but I perspire too much & require an antiperspirant. I hope that there is a cruelty -free product I can use.

    • Bev off the top of my head I don’t know of a cruelty-free antiperspirant but I will look into it for you! I had a friend do underarm Botox to help with excess sweating and it was covered by health benefits!

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