Cruelty-Free Hair Colour

As promised, this is the item I get the most emails and questions about.. unfortunately I have ZERO experience in this area. Believe it or not, I have never once used hair colour in my life – I’ve never had highlights, nothing! I mean not all of us can be like rare unicorns with my natural red hair right? Why mess with perfection? 😉

All kidding aside, I feel bad that I’ve had to respond with little to no help to so many people, so I finally sat down and did some research for you – you’re welcome! Here are just some of the options available to us in Canada:

  1. Pravana seems to be a favourite among many bloggers. Available from Canada Beauty Supply.
  2. Arctic Fox – for a wide range of more “out-there” colours, this brand is vegan on top of being cruelty-free. seems to be your best bet for purchasing.
  3. Paul Mitchell – an old favourite. Always ask salons what brand of colour they use, but there are many Paul Mitchell salons in Canada.
  4. Oligo Professionnel – also a salon brand, with heavy presence in Quebec and New Brunswick with a few other salons scattered about the rest of Canada – zoom in on the map here to find a location.

I hope this brief list helps a bit. If you know of any other brands, PLEASE comment below! I have tried to keep the list to products that are easily attainable in Canada.

3 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Hair Colour

  1. I’m looking for a cruelty free salon in Montreal. Is it possible to get directions where I can find those? Thanks for keeping up for the animals.

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