Cruelty-Free Brands

In alphabetical order, here is my list of companies available to us Canadians that are guaranteed to be 100% cruelty-free. That means the company itself and any parent company. This page is a work-in-progress, I am always adding more to it.

PLEASE NOTE: The companies listed below, although cruelty-free, are not necessarily natural or organic. Part of my hope in writing this blog is that consumers will become more aware of the products they are buying. Please click on a company for their web site and check out ingredient lists before purchasing.

* Canadian; + Sold at

100% PURE

Abercrombie & Fitch

AG Hair*

Alba Botanica+

Alima Pure

Andalou Naturals+





Aubrey Organics+

Avalon Organics+

Badger Balm+

Bare English

bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics

Bare Organics*

Batty’s Bath*


Beauty Without Cruelty*+

Be Better (Rexall store brand)*

Bees Knees Body*

Belvedere International

BlackBox Cosmetics

Black Sheep Lacquer*

Bonne Bell

Butter London+

Cake Beauty*+


Carriage 44*

Cheeky Cosmetics*

Circle of Friends

Clear Conscience

Cocoon Apothecary*+


Consonant Skin Care*

Cosmic Tree Essentials*

Cover FX

Curelle Hair Care*

Dalish cosmetics*


Demo Soap*


Dessert Essence+

Down East Cleaning Products*

Dr. Bronner’s


Earth Mama Angel Baby+

Earth Science Naturals+


Eco Nuts+


Elizabeth Grant Skin Care*

E.L.F. (eyes.lips.face.) Cosmetics

Eminence Organics

Flower Cosmetics

Forever New*+

Freeman (including Bare Foot)

Gosh Cosmetics

Green Beaver*+

Green Cricket*+

Ground Soap*

Halo Pet+

Herbal Glo+

Hooray Truffles* (Vegan Chocolatier!)

Hugo & Debra Naturals (formerly Hugo Natural Products)+

I Love My Muff*

Jane Iredale


John Masters Organics*+

J.R. Watkins+

Juliet’s Room*

Just Bee Natural*

Kaia Naturals*

Kate Spade Beauty

Kevin Murphy (salon hair care)

Kiss My Face+

La Couleur Couture* (Vegan Nail Polish)


Lenity Soap*

Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lipani Skincare*

Live Clean*+

Lise Watier*

Liz Claiborne Cosmetics

Lōa Skin Care*



Lulu Organics


Luv U Beauty*

Mad City Soap

Mad Hippie

Maple Holistics


Marc Anthony+

Merle Norman


Meow Meow Tweet+

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day+

MulaNoah Natural Organics*


Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal+

Nature Clean*+ (including Treehouse products for kids)

Nature’s Basics+

Nature’s Gate+

Nellie’s All-Natural+

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Oscar Blandi

OURS by Cheryl Hickey*



Pangea Organics+

Paul Mitchell

Paula’s Choice

Physicians Formula+


Prairie Naturals*

Pravi (Natural Skincare)*

Preserve Razors+

PUR Minerals

Purelygreat Deodorant*+

Rockin’ Green+

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.*

Samana Naturals*

Sante Cosmetics+

Seventh Generation+



Skin Essence Organics*+


Soap & Glory

Sonia Kashuk

Spa Sisters*


Sun Bum


The Ausable River Soap Company*

The Great Canadian Soap Company*

The Laundry Tarts*+

The Kingston Soap Company*

The Red Kat Organic & Natural Soaps*

Upper Canada Soap*+

Vasanti Cosmetics*



Yes to

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics


211 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Brands

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    • Hi! Smashbox is actually listed on my “Companies in the Grey Zone” page as it is owned by Estée Lauder. So technically cruelty-free but profit still goes to a cruel company so I personally will not buy their products 🙁 Sad that many great cruelty-free companies sell out to big profit.

      • Thanks for this resource! Yes, it’s too bad about the big companies. MAC was my fave mascara for years until I found out about testing. I understand The Body Shop which is supposed to be against animal testing is owned by L’Oreal now who tests on animals for new ingredients and anything going to China. Is this true?
        I bought some very inexpensive makeup at Wal-mart because it said cruelty free and I was desperate but on further inspection it’s made in China so it’s going back!

        • Hi Julie! Yes The Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal – see my page “The Grey Zone” (link in top banner) for more companies like this. What is the brand you bought at Walmart? If it says cruelty-free it’s okay, don’t return it! Made in China is fine – for example, E.L.F. products are made in China and are completely cruelty-free. The ones to watch out for are any products SOLD in China. If they are sold in China then China requires that they be tested on animals. Slight but significant difference!

          • Does the Chinese law also apply to cosmetic products that are shipped to China ONLY to consumers? Like, shipped home to consumers living in China, and not to retailers to be sold.

          • Elisabeth – I know people who looked into that issue, and apparently the mandatory animal testing is only for cosmetics being sold in physical stores within China. If a cruelty-free company sells stuff through their online website to many different countries, including China, they are NOT forced to test their products on animals.

          • Thanks! That’s what I thought. The brand theBalm claims to be cruelty-free and that they don’t retail in China, but they ship to their consumers living in China. I’m interested in this brand, so I just want to be sure.

        • Hi Julie, Kelly and Ale!
          You should check out LaRitzy, it’s a cruelty-free beauty box that delivers to Canada and the US. It’s a great way to discover new brands and products that don’t test on animals AND are non-toxic! 🙂

          • Thank you for your great efforts, Kelly!! I really appreciate it! There’s two product lines in my city , Victoria, which could be added. They are Nezza Naturals and Saltspring Soapworks. The latter has the best exfoliating soap I have ever tried, and their scents are delicious!!

  2. My salon now uses Kevin Murphy hair care products and they tell me it is a cruelty free product. Please add to the list if they qualify.
    Also, thanks so much for the list…Watkins seems to cover all types of products…I’m excited to try them out

    • Hi Deborah! Yes, Kevin Murphy products are vegan and cruelty-free and on Peta’s recommended list. I have never heard of them but excited to find some and try them out as I still am not satisfied with the shampoos I have tried, and I have been unsuccessful finding a product to protect from heat damage/frizz as I flat iron my hair every day. Kevin Murphy is now listed on my cruelty-free brands page! Thanks for the reco!

      • They are *wonderful* products. I am saving right now to purchase the litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner ($60ea) but you use so little it will last forever. I’ve used quite a few of the products and love them all. Also, another Canadian product is John Masters Organic. Very stringent guidelines for that company….organic *and* vegan. Both quite pricy but great quality and easy on the conscience.

  3. I was at Rexall and found another product worth checking out. ‘Just Bee Natural’ hair products. According to the website – ‘Never tested on animals, SLS/Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Phosphate Free’ . Wicked great price point so I hope its a keeper. Also, I was told Organix is cruelty free and comes highly recommended.
    I’m scouring the local shops to replace as much as i can in the house.
    And, ‘GOSH’ mascara *rocks*

    Is it ok that I keep posting new finds??

    • Are you kidding??? I’m thrilled! 🙂 The whole point of this blog is to educate and inform, so being able to give people more options by adding more brands to the list is awesome! I will get these added right away. I actually just bought Organix shampoo to try.

  4. Hi I was just looking at PETA’s website for some products and the grantee that some products that are listed in your grey zone are 100% not tested on animals,

    I’m not sure if i can trust peta and thats why im here asking you!

    • Hi! Peta is correct; these companies do not test on animals; however they are owned by companies that DO test on animals. That’s why they are in the “grey zone”. Because your money is ultimately going to a cruel parent company.

  5. I can’t thank you enough for putting this website together! I also follow the Beagle Freedom Project and have been absolutely appalled by what goes on in the world of animal testing. I have completely stopped using products that are tested on animals and now even prefer to only use those which are produced in Canada. I find incredible satisfaction in using small, family owned companies – places where you can call and talk to the owner and not a customer service representative.

    One company that I have fallen in love with is the Great Canadian Soap Company. I LOVE their homemade goat’s milk soap…just wondering if you’d consider adding it to your “safe” list.

    I will definitely be checking your site regularly – thank you again for all your hard work and research!

    • I agree and say regularly that I love how going cruelty-free goes hand in hand with going local and more natural. It’s so great to support Canadian companies. Thanks so much for telling me about this company, I have added them to the list!

  6. Reviews:
    Just Bee Natural shampoo and conditioner (colour formula) – The shampoo is full of creamy frothy goodness. The Conditioner is light so it is perfect for fine hair like mine. I’m not sure I would recommend it for heavily processed or dry hair. As a colour formula it works fine for me but my colour is reddish brown. Back when I was blonde this wouldn’t be enough for me. I dont use heavy conditioners since I always follow up with a Moroccan oil …which brings me to the *heavenly* Organix Moroccan Oil…dreamy. 2 thumbs up on both products.

  7. I have been trying to decide on a new face cleanser that I can purchase locally if possible as opposed to online. I’ve just turned 50 so have mature skin. Eclos (by Freeman) is awesome but Shoppers discontinued it almost as soon as they stocked it. I am interested in trying the ‘yes to’ products but they dont have the most consistant online reviews?? Neither does the Live Clean line, so I’ve been looking at Marcelle, also since it is Canadian. I don’t see it on your list so Im not sure if it is ok, grey zone etc??
    Also, any word on Physicians Formula??

  8. I just read an article that Logona has been removed from Peta’s list of cruelty free companies, as they have decided to sell their product in China, where animal testing is required. Maybe they should be on the Companies in the grey zone? Thanks

    • Hi Michelle! According to Logona, they tried to work with China to find an alternative, and when that failed, they have pulled out of China altogether. See statement here:
      LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG and all its brands are withdrawing from the Chinese market, and no more goods shall be shipped to China, as of 1 December 2013. This is what Ulrich Grieshaber, owner and managing director/board member of LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, sees as the appropriate reaction to the unbudging attitude of the Chinese authorities in matters of animal protection. After he had been notified personally that animal testing is being demanded in order to register cosmetic products in China, despite statements made to the contrary, Ulrich Grieshaber reacted quickly. LOGOCOS sought to find ways to positively influence the authorities in the People’s Republic of China which would make it possible to effect a reorientation towards alternative testing methods. Today it is obvious that a hoped-for procedure to monitor cosmetic products, free of animal testing, shall not be introduced into China in the foreseeable future at all.

      Under these circumstances, Ulrich Grieshaber sees a withdrawal from the Chinese market as unavoidable: “For me personally, the issue of animal protection is very important. Respect for people, animals and the environment is the ethical foundation for LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG as a company. If the rights of animals are violated, which still seems to be the case in China, we see no other way than to pull out of this market completely. Seen from an economic point of view for us as a medium-sized company, it is a big step and means that we are waiving a significant turnover potential.”

      • I therefore have left them on the cruelty-free list as that is a HUGE move and a positive one to support that they do not condone animal testing of any kind.

        • I am so happy to hear that! Agreed, that’s a huge and positive move and maybe it will influence other companies to do the same. In that case, I will continue to buy their products to support them. Thanks so much for responding and the update. Much appreciated. BTW, great work on this website; I think people don’t realize animal testing is still very prevalent and we need to, as consumers, be aware of what we buy and use and your website goes a long way to giving us all that ability. So huge kudo’s to you!

  9. Thank you SO much for this site! So great to have a list of brands I can look for in Canada! (I’m from Winnipeg, MB). I normally don’t wear much makeup, but now I have stopped buying it until I find cruelty free products.
    Also, European and European Naturals shampoo and conditioner have the bunny symbol, and that’s all I buy. Great product too!

  10. Hi there, happy i found this site! I’ve really loved the Say Yes To line sold at Shopper Drug Mart. I believe its animal cruelty free? 🙂

    • oh! yes, I see the Yes To brand all the time, haven’t tried their products but can’t believe I missed it on the site. Thanks so much for mentioning it! I’m going to add it to the list right now 🙂

  11. Hi, thanks for the list! Didn’t see Eminence skin products in the list. They say they are cruelty free… but could you check? Thanks!

  12. Hi! Thanks for this website, I’m new here in Canada and you are great help guiding us to find animal and environmental friendly products. Thanks very much.
    The brand Attitude (home and personal care products) is supposed to be cruelty free products and made in Canada, but I didn’t find them listed. Can you please check???
    Thanks! 🙂

  13. Hello Kelly – I am so happy to find your website!! 😀 Because I see so many reviews of non-animal-tested products and companies on the internet, but many of them aren’t even available in Canada, so that makes those ‘discoveries’ kind of useless. Now I know which ones I can find here. Thank you for your hard work. BTW, is there any way we can find out which of these in your list are vegan companies, or offer vegan products? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi! Great idea – I promise to work on creating a flag for “vegan offerings” to add to my legend. It’s just finding the time (I’m at my ‘real’ job right now.. shhh… lol). In the meantime, I suggest you check out (my fave site!). They have a vegan flag for all products, you can narrow a search using it or just look for it next to products. Hope that helps for now. Any suggestions for what symbol to use as my flag?

  14. Hey thank you so much for the list! I was wondering why lime crime, obsessive compulsive cosmetics, nyx and pixi weren’t on the list because I didn’t find anything that said they weren’t cruelty free do you know anything about it?

    • Hi Jackie! I’ve never heard of those brands (except nyx); that’s the only reason they aren’t on the list! I’ll look into them and get them added – thanks for the info 🙂 Always fun to hear of new stuff I never knew about… The list is ongoing and definitely not perfect as I made it myself and I often forget companies!

    • By the way – where do you buy these brands in Canada? Just because I’ve never seen them… I try to only include brands that are easily accessible to Canadians.

    • Lime Crime and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are both on the cruelty-free lists, I just checked. OCC can be found at Sephora. Does anyone know where they sell Lime Crime in Canada?

      NYX needs to go on the Grey List, because they recently sold out to L’Oreal, ugh! (It is on PETA’s CF list, with a note that they belong to L’Oreal.) Pixi can’t be found on any official CF lists. NYX and Pixi are both sold at Target.

  15. Pixi and nyx are in target! 🙂 lime crime is only online I think and OCC is at sephora but from what I read they do not sell in china. Thank you for your reply! 🙂

      • Lime Crime and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are both on the cruelty-free lists, I just checked. OCC can be found at Sephora. Does anyone know where they sell Lime Crime in Canada? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it.

        NYX needs to go on the Grey List, because they recently sold out to L’Oreal, ugh! (It is on PETA’s CF list, with a note that they belong to L’Oreal.) Pixi can’t be found on any official CF lists. NYX and Pixi are both sold at Target.

  16. This is such a wonderful/convenient list to keep with you when shopping! I use the Curelle (not to be confused with Curel) hair product line which I believe to be cruelty-free and Canadian. They are also unscented, gluten free and vegan. It might be another one to add to the list!

  17. I completely forgot (until getting ready for work this morning), that I also use Youngblood make up, Sante eyeliner (a German company, but available in Canada) and Pacifica soap and perfume (an American company, but also available in Canada). All three are considered to be cruelty-free and some of these companies use organic ingredients, natural derivatives and offer gluten-free options as well.

    • Pacifica is awesome!! They have cosmetics and perfume products, they’re totally CF, and are available at Noah’s Natural Foods, Whole Foods, The Big Carrot, and Healthy Planet. I believe their whole line is vegan! 🙂 Sante cosmetics I’ve seen at The Big Carrot and Healthy Planet.

      What is Youngblood, I’ve never heard of that one?

    • Ask, and you shall receive! I’ve added you 🙂 Checked out your site and I’m excited! I’ve been using E.L.F. polish but it doesn’t hold up well. Toes aren’t bad but on my hands, it chips off in like, one day. Not good! I know, you get what you pay for…

  18. I see that the latest post is for polish. I’ve been trying to find a high quality polish that meets my criteria. La Couleur Couture (LaCC) sells the most a*ma*zing polish. Very high quality. Toxin, cruelty, and paraben free as well as vegan. Now sold at Shoppers. It’s a little pricier than what I’m used to paying (11.99 on sale, 12.99 reg) but seriously salon quality. High colour concentration, loads of gorgeous colours to choose from.
    I’m going to check out blacksheep as well…I have never heard of it. I’m just super happy to find a polish product at a nearby store.

    • Thanks – I will have to check them out! It definitely IS nice to find a polish at a local Shoppers – I will have to Facebook this news!!!

  19. Oh, and Watkins products.
    They really should be on the list. LOTS of good products from toilet bowl cleaner to high quality vanilla extract. And their lavender hand cream is to die for. They’ve been around forever….

  20. So, just a product review to pass along. While I love, love, love Gosh hair products (shampoo, conditioner, and mousse are amazing), I have given up on their mascara. After 3 tries with 3 diff types I won’t be buying it anymore. It dries out and clumps within 3 weeks. So, since I’m always happy with Marcelle products, I’ve purchased a mascara and will try it out tomorrow. ( the luck of my Mother was with me, the sale rack had a mascara and make up remover combo for $14.95)
    While on the topic of Marcelle, Shoppers has the 500ml of extra gentle cleansing gel on for the 300ml price of $12.95. That’s like a years worth easy.
    One more thing, Marcelle tinted moisturizer is da bomb.

  21. Does anyone know why Marcelle has no cruelty free logo’s on its packaging. I also messaged Leaping Bunny and they havent certified it either. Everything I have ever read, your site included, states it is cruelty free but I have never once seen a buny logo.

    • Oh, there are LOTS of cruelty-free companies that do not say anything on their packaging. I don’t know why, maybe they don’t feel it’s important or worth it to mention. Companies have to PAY to be Leaping Bunny certified and to be able to use the logo on their packages so that is why many do not bother with the process; they don’t find it important enough to pay for. It would be nice if they would simply state NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, which I have seen on some other brands, but some just don’t feel it’s necessary to tell us that!

  22. If they state ” Not tested on animals”, they’re saying that the entire supply chain of that product is cruelty free???? I’m always thinking about that

    • I always take that statement at face value unless it’s more vague like “final product is not tested…” or something like that. If it says “not tested on animals” or “no animal testing” then I approve. Companies have too much to lose to lie about it. If they aren’t cruelty-free somewhere in the process of making a product, they are much more likely to just not say anything at all. That is my opinion.

  23. Saddly, I just saw that NYX just got bought by L’Oreal also. why all the companies I love turned to the devil?!!! is it me or is it getting harder and harder to get cruelty free?!!

  24. I think it’s sooo sad about Bath and Body Works not being labelled cruelty free anymore and also Body Shop being bought by Loreal. Two more stores crossed off my list! 🙁

    • Where did you find information about Bath and Body Works? I don’t have them listed at the moment as it’s been very cloudy trying to figure it out…

      • I went to their store in Fredericton, NB and the bottles were not labelled cruelty free anymore. I asked a sales associate and she said they were sold to another company. The bottles were shaped differently which tipped me off to read the label.

        • Hi, Bath and Body Works are labelled as Cruelty Free on the Beagle Freedom Project Cruelty Cutter App. Is BFP wrong? I would find that surprising as Bath and Body Works are all over the USA and I would have thought they would have more accurate information.

          • Hi Mary, I had it on the cruelty-free list then removed it temporarily as someone had questioned its status. I am going to add it back as it is still on Peta’s list as well. The only thing to watch out for with the Cruelty Cutter app is that it doesn’t mention parent companies ie it will tell you that Body Shop products are cruelty-free but they are owned by L’Oreal.

  25. I am looking for an antiperspirant/deodorant … I had been using \Lady Speed Stick and did contact the company & they said that they do not test on animals unless the Government requires them to do so. This product is made by Colgate-Palmolive. Is it sold in China? If it is , I suppose they may test on animals . Please let me know. And thanks so much for this site

    • Hi Bev. Speed Stick is not cruelty-free. I have posted about deodorant before. I use Naturally Fresh roll-on and I love it! It’s a bit wet so I put it on a few minutes before getting dressed, but otherwise it’s perfect. It’s sold everywhere, drug stores, Walmart etc. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Bev, I’ve read a lot of posts online by people who really need a CF product that works as an antiperspirant (not just a deodorant), because they sweat too much, or they work in high-powered business or entertainment industries.

      Dermadoctor claims to be CF (although I can’t find their name on any official lists), and they have a range of antiperspirants. The phrase “no animal testing” is written on each individual product page.
      Their antiperspirants have won some awards for effectiveness, so hopefully they will work for you! 🙂

  26. I’m using “Natural Crystal Deodorant Spay” and works very good in me. I tried the Attitude deodorant and my husband made a complaint haha
    I understand Colgate -Palmolive is one of the worst in animal testing (if I’m wrong please let me know :)) , I used to have all their product, not any more


          They’re certified CF by PETA (they use the PETA bunny logo, and I also double-checked PETA’s database – yup, they’re in there!). I just read some online threads about CF deodorants, and this woman who _needs_ antiperspirants because she sweats so much, she swears by this. I can’t vouch for it myself, this is the first I’ve heard of this company, but it sounds promising… Hope that helps. 🙂

          • Hey, I previously posted about CertainDri above. I’ve done some more reading of online threads, and have read that some people are sensitive to ingredients in CertainDri, and they found that it burns their skin. So for those people, I would suggest one of Dermadoctor’s ‘gentle’ antiperspirants. I can’t find Dermadoctor on any of the official CF lists, but on each individual product page on the Dermadoctor website, it says “no animal testing”, so that sounds good to me. Unfortunately, I think they only sell their products through their online website from the US, so I’m just suggesting this for people who can’t use anything else.

  27. I am forever grateful to you for for putting up this INCREDIBLE website!!!!
    I am appalled at what I have been discovering about animal testing!!! I can’t throw everything out of my house bc it’s tested on animals BUT as I run out I am replacing with cruelty free products and your website is a a blessing!!!!
    I started using a laundry detergent by Earth Friendly Products called ECOS. I love it and they claim to not test on animals or use animal ingredients. I hope that is accurate bc I can get horrendous stains out of of almost anything with this stuff. Ever heard of it?
    Thanks again and here’s to a world where we stop treating living breathing things like crap!!!

    • Hi Michele and welcome! That’s exactly what I did, replaced products as I used old ones up… Let’s face it, most of us can’t afford to go out and buy everything new all at once, right? And it’s already been paid for so what can you do. I haven’t heard of that brand but I will look into it and get it added to the list. Where do you buy it?

      • Hi Kelly,
        I live all the way down here in Texas. I bought tthe detergent at Sam’s Club, I don’t know if you have Sams or Walmart in Canada but you can find this product at Walmart as well at a very good priCepoint too.
        we also have a huge mosquito problem down here and was so excited to see a product by incognito repellent and I plan to go online and order that today as well, probably in bulk. Lol! Everything is larger here in Texas trust me

      • I also forgot to mention that they make other products that you can buy as well online. The bottle I buy from Sam’s is a 210 fluid ounces or 6.21 liters and sells for under ! $14. Amazing price!!! it also says on the bottle that it is ideal for he efficient washIng machines. I do not have an energy-efficient washing machine mine is 16 years old I still use this product. I barely have to use any and it just does an amazing job. I hope any of this helps

  28. METHOD products are cruelty free & have laundry & cleaning products . They are available at several places, including Safeway, Co-op, HomeDepot etc. I am slowly changing over all of my stuff as well.

    • I’ve all found a lot of cosmetics, skincare, shampoo at Winners of a variety of brands with the leaping bunny logo. and of course with a discounted price. London Drugs has a section in their Hair products for natural products . Do the research as Kelly says though to make sure the parent company is also cruelty free. But I did find some good buys !

  29. Hi Kelly,

    So I was in Bulk Barn today and I came across this new canadian brand of cleaning products called Simply Clean. They claim their products to be environmentally friendly and safe with no harmful chemical ingrediants and they differ from most brands because they use surfactants which are vegetable derived.They also say they don’t test on animals but i’m still not 100% sure of this product yet. Here’s the website.

  30. Hi! Thank you for this site. I’ve been buying cruelty-free products for a while now and it’s not always easy in Canada. I search a lot online, only to find that I can’t get what I want here or that it’s terribly overpriced with huge shipping costs and customs clearance brokerage fees. Madness! So this is a great resource!!!

    I think I have an addition to your list. Too Faced is cruelty-free (if not all vegan) and sold at Sephora (pricey, but they use cocoa in some of their products and they smell absolutely divine).

    Please do compile a vegan list if you can. I am now trying to replace everything I use with vegan products because if products not tested on animals contain animal ingredients for which animals had to most likely die or at least suffer, can they really be called “cruelty-free”? Don’t get me wrong, no testing is better than testing, but vegan is best 🙂

  31. One cosmetics brand that I love (which guarantees cruelty free right down to their “teddy bear hair” brushes) is Too Faced particular their Bronzed and Poreless bronzer and eye shadow palettes are amazing!

  32. Hi Kelly:

    I just discovered Pure Anada, a cruelty free company out of Manitoba. Their mascara is fantastic! Didn’t notice them on your list so wanted to mention it. Products can be purchased on or at

    Thanks for all your hard work! I’ve finally used up all my “bad” products and now only purchase cruelty free!

    • Thanks Erica! I’m exhausted after a weekend away for a wedding but will get them added tomorrow… I have some other updating to get to too! 🙂

  33. I wanna say THANKS for this list! I always used leapingbunny as my reference but I realised that there were many many canadian companies missing from their list. Hence I stayed away from Green Beaver, Live Clean etc for so long. But NOW, I can buy cruelty-free AND canadian! This makes my day!

    Also today I discovered a new product that says “not tested on animals”: Argania
    But should I really trust products that say this? I used TresEmme before because on their bottles is written “Not tested on animals”, but then I did some homework and proved out that they are not cruelty-free in the end.

    • Thanks I keep hearing differing things about this… They were still listed on Peta’s list last time I checked. I will remove them from my list.

  34. Hi, if you are looking for a few hair companies that are cruelty free AG is one ABBA is another and I believe KMS is as well. Also It’s a 10 hair care is cruelty free. Fake bake products are good too if you are looking for a self tanner.

  35. Just wanted to let you know I was reading through all the posts and saw that you put Tarte as cruelty free which they are but they are owned by Kose that is not cruelty free.

    • Hi, Tarte is currently listed on the “Companies in the Grey Zone page” due to their ownership. I can’t help what was said on an old post when they were cruelty-free. Thanks.

  36. Oh ya I know things seem to change so quickly with being CF or not CF, I haven’t had a chance to read your list of companies in the grey yet. I’m so happy I came across your page. I just recently decided to become cruelty free and I love it that so many ppl put awesome products and companies on here.
    Another CF hair company is Rusk. They are owned by Conair and also own Babyliss and Satin Smooth (waxing products).
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Awesome, thanks, I’ll have to get those added. Sorry if my reply sounded abrupt, just insanely busy and catching up on approving comments tonight! 🙂

  37. Your website is so handy! I’ve been shopping CF for a while and having a list of company’s is just fabulous to look up while I shop. I was wondering if you knew of any CF hair styling products (vegan would be even better!)? I’m looking for a beach/sea spray to style curls… Just curious if anyone had any suggestions! Thanks again for all the amazing work!

    • Hi! Do you have a Trade Secrets near you? They have the best selection of CF hair products, like Paul Mitchell, KMS, and others. The staff is pretty knowledgeable too, I’ve found! Live Clean is a lower end brand at drugstores you can check out. That’s what comes to me off the top of my head… Good luck!

  38. Thanks for such a quick response! There is a Trade Secrets here so I’ll have to check it out. I also LOVE the Live Clean brand but I wasn’t able to find any styling products with them at the Target I was at which I why I thought I’d ask you. Thanks again!!

  39. Thank you !! Does not look like DermaDoctor is available in Canada , though. But I will call the local Sephora i case they can get it in

  40. Hi there, I was just wondering if you’ve heard of the brand Rocky Mountain made in Canmore. As far as I’m aware they have a lot of natural products and are cruelty free 🙂

    • Hi Bailey! I haven’t heard of them but will definitely have a look soon and get them added to the list. I’m a bit behind as I have been very sick this week, along with my son AND husband. Not fun!

  41. My personal favourite discovery is LA Colors. Their very affordable make-up is approved by PETA and for sale at various dollar stores, like Buck or Two.

    Do you have any recommendations for anti-perspirant for men? Our local organic store does have a large selection of natural scented deodorants, but my boyfriend doesn’t like those very much.

  42. Thank you so much for this list. Every time I think I find a cruelty free brand, I do a bit more research and find out im wrong. This list helps so much. As for deodorants, I know a lot of people (myself included) have a really hard time finding something that works! I found one at a winners in Toronto – Zion health Adama clay deodorant… and it’s the only thing that’s worked so far… still looking for others though because I can’t seem to find Adama in Montreal!

  43. I will check that out at our Winners. Thank you ! I am finding a lot of Cruelty Free items there. So I applause Winners 🙂

  44. I am thrilled to find your website and learn so much about cruelty free products. I wanted to ask about Earth Science shampoos and conditioners, I found them recently at our local Sobey’s because they are fragrance free and I really need that, I Googled them today and it says that they are not tested on animals. Have you heard of them, they aren’t on the list. This is the direction I want to go with regard to buying products, should have made more effort in the past…..We are getting a Winners in our small town so really happy that perhaps more choices will be made available to us….

    • Hi Jo! I hadn’t heard of this but checked them out and they look good! I’m adding them to the list. Thanks so much for bringing to my attention! 🙂

  45. Hi! Purely Great deodorant is vegan. They do claim not to test on animals, though are not certified via LP. Made in Canada.

  46. I am so happy to gave found your site. Thanks so much for making life easier in my changing to be Cruelty Free. I am owned by two rabbits, and the thought of them suffering the way that lab rabbits do breaks my heart. I have seen a few products including hair products, sun screen , wipes etc from a company called Boo Bamboo. They state they are not tested on animals, and I was wondering if they are OK. Thanks again for all your hard research.

  47. OMG – Thank you so much for this amazing and much needed list. I am so appalled at all of the companies that continue to test on animals – it is just so wrong and inhumane. I don’t think the majority of people realize that the products they buy/wear/use are tested on animals and how these animals are tested and treated, it wasn’t until more recently that I learned this horrible horrible truth and since then I have been educating myself and sharing my new found knowledge with as many people as possible. I think these are key – knowledge and education…and that is exactly what you are doing and you have no idea how grateful I am to you for producing this and getting it out there. I can only hope that more and more people become more inclined to purchase products that are cruelty free, so keep up the great work.
    Cheers to a future without ANY animal suffering,
    Tori Bullard
    Mississauga, Ontario

  48. I wonder why The Body Shop isn`t on this list as they claim to be cruelty free, no animal testing, is that not true?

  49. How did you find out that Be.Better is cruelty-free? Neither the Rexall website nor the product labels themselves say so. I tweeted Rexall and they said it was, but haven’t responded to any further questions about the sources of their ingredients.

    • I called and spoke to someone there. If they said it was, I would believe them. Generally companies don’t lie about it. If they aren’t cruelty free, they give a very vague response instead.

  50. Anybody know if NeoStrata is animal-friendly? Several years ago I sent an email, however the reply was so convoluted I couldn’t tell if they answered or not. Seemed to me they didn’t. At that time, they needed to hire someone who could communicate clearly in English.

  51. Hi there I am noeans an expert and by no means believe myself to be one. I would first like to thank you for creating this list I have been making some of these good lifestyle changes and though it’s been really positive in the long run. It has its hard parts. Mainly finding brands that aren’t supper pricey as I am a college student so at the moment I don’t quite have a whole lot of money to spend on myself. I also had a couple brands I just wanted to relay that to my understanding are cruelty free and some even vegan.

    Petal fresh

    Phyto sintesi

    BCL spa products

    Body drench


    Again not am expert and my information may be a little wrong but I thought I should pass those along and see where they stand and if you have any advice I’d love to hear it.

  52. Hello!
    Thank you so much for this list! It is so helpful!
    I just happened to come across a Canadian company that appears to be all natural and cruelty free. I haven’t tried any of their products but thought maybe you would want to check them out and maybe add them to your list.

  53. Thank You for this list – and the 4 Beagles and 1 Basset Hound that own me and keep me well and happy also thank you!
    They don’t seem to mind if I get sweaty/smelly but I do – and a Cruelty-Free and primarily Organic Deodorant (that significantly reduces perspiration as well) that really works for me is Lāfes brand. It is gluten, aluminum, paraben and propylene glycol free too, and I buy it even tho’ it is made in USA because it really works for me. I get it in any of my local (Calgary) health food stores.
    Thank you again for this great list.

  54. I contacted Consonant Skincare in June of last year and this is what they had to say about animal testing. . . . “Since we use hundreds and hundreds of ingredients we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that one hasn’t been tested on animals along the way. We try to avoid that since we’re animal lovers too, but it’s impossible to say for sure.” This was unacceptable to me and I crossed them off my list of companies to support. I’ve learned that it’s necessary to actually email individual companies and ASK direct questions about their policies even if their site sounds wonderful. I’ve also learned that the Leaping Bunny program has higher standards and requires more effort to be approved by. I’m not saying PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies doesn’t have its merits, it’s just easier to get into.

  55. I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about Down Under Natural’s hair products and if they are truly cruelty free? On the back of the bottle it claims to not test on animals, but it is a discount brand and because of that I’m a bit skeptical.

    • Hi! You are stealing my thunder as I am going to post about them in the next day or two 🙂 Have you not read of my love for Dollarama???? They are indeed cruelty-free! Companies who test would never put something like that on their packaging, they just ignore the issue completely and answer vaguely if asked. Go ahead and buy!

  56. Naturally Upper Canada (avail at Trade Secrets) advertises on their bottles of moisturizer at least as cruelty free and 97% organic. Thoughts?

    • Hi Kyla! Yes this company is cruelty-free, I actually have them on the list as their official name Upper Canada Soap. Hope that helps!

  57. Hello! I was wondering if the brand “suncoat” is cruelty free (certified), because they claim to be vegan and against animal testing, but i can’t find ir at any listing. I would be very grateful if you can help me!!

  58. A company called C.O. Bigelow makes a nice mint-scented lip gloss “Mentha Shimmer Tint”, and the package says “not tested on animals”. It seems to be made in the USA (New York City) and also sold in London, England.

  59. Hi. Thank you so much for this site. I’ve been vegan since 1980. And it’s been so hard to find animal cruellity free products. When I did research it back then, most of the products were found in the States only. And to even find a list of products was hard. And there was only PETA. I’ve bought books but they go out of date. The girls at the makeup counter didn’t always know. And then one didn’t know to trust them when the label didn’t specify animal cruellity free? And therefore I have been relying on labels to indicate this fact but not all products identify this. I did look at ‘live clean’ a while ago and I didn’t buy it as the label was missing that animal cruellity info. Or else I’m reading the label wrong. Is there a symbol I should be looking for? In the last few years, I have to say that labels have gotton better. But then I had found some Name Brand products that I relied on like ‘Tom’s’ toothpaste only to find it was bought by a company that does test on animals. It can be difficult to keep up. The consumer really has to do their homework. So I really really appreciate this site. And to hear other people like me. So THANK YOU for having a site for Canadian products. makeup is on the list. And I’m also looking for clothes that are not made from animals products, like boots. Now that’s hard in winter Canada. But some companies are doing it and making the styles pretty nice. I would think in these crazy world times, one could also make a decision to stay away from products that are made in people cruellity, and child labourer-cruellity factories. Now there’s another list. And that one is coming. Sincerely, Thank you to everyone out there who cares. We will make a difference by not buying the cruellity products. Thank you for the site. Sincerely, Jane

  60. Hi. There is some good info on deodorants in the comments. Thank you. What I’m looking for is a deodorant/antiperspirant that not only works but doesn’t stain your clothes. I don’t really like the stain on your clothes from your underarms. And the stains are hard to get out. They won’t even accept these clothes at some second hand clothes consignment shops. They do make an “Invisable” deodorant by ‘Secret’ but it’s not animal cruelity free. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Thank you. Jane

    • Hi Jane,

      Another great Vegan/Cruelty Free Brand to check out is Meow Meow Tweet. They make a whole bunch of fabulous products including natural deodorants. Best thing of all, they actually work!

  61. Hi there! I’m currently in the process of going cruelty free, and I’m just wondering if anything has been updated on nyx? I’ve read in the comments it’s not actually cruelty free 🙁 also I remember hearing something about limecrime no longer being cruelty free! Thank you sosososo much for this list, I’ve been trying to find one for weeks now. (:

  62. Do NOT use Lime Crime!!
    They take wholesale products from TKB Trading Micas, and sell them as their own!!
    They’re cruelty free, I’m pretty sure. But buy from them!
    If you buy it from Lime Crime, you’ll pay more for the same thing.

  63. Thanks for this list, its awesome! I’m slowly replacing items as I use them up, but also can’t afford the really expensive stuff. Your info is so helpful, thanks!

  64. I’m looking for a new bar soap for the shower instead of Dove soap which I have used literally my whole life and I’ve decided once my bars run out I’m breaking up with them! I’ve just discovered Caprina soap and I think it is cruelty free from what I can find? Any ideas? I looked at Dr Bronner’s as well but it looks like its about $4.50 for just one bar which is way expensive!

    • Yes I believe it is cruelty-free – it’s not on my list? I’ll have to add it. I used to use Dove Sensitive bar so I feel your pain. The one I use now (Spa Sisters, I did a post about it) is pricey but I often buy Guelph Soap Co. bars for my son – stores like Real Canadian Superstore stock it and it is under $2/bar. See varieties available here: Hope that helps!

      • I can’t seem to find a clear answer on Caprina but it does contain goat’s milk so it is not vegan and probably not on a lot of lists as a result. I wonder what the treatment of the goats is like. I’ve also just found Yardley which appears to have previously been cruelty free but seems it was acquired by a larger company that may test on animals. Gosh, its hard to find the right info sometimes.
        Thanks I will check out Guelph, that’s awesome! I am, well was, a big fan of Dove’s sensitive bar, too, it was the only one I bought. I have really dry skin so I need something moisturizing. Less than $2/bar is not bad!

  65. Hey there. I believe Essence, Annabelle and LaCoupe are cruelty free. LaCoupe conditioner says “not tested on animals” right on the bottle. Annabelle and Essence are both at Shoppers and LaCoupe is at Dollar tree.

  66. Thank you so much for compiling this list! I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. I have very sensitive skin and am looking for a face wash, a face moisturizer and make-up that is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and (obviously) cruelty-free. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Shay! I am a new convert to Batty’s Bath – whose products are made for those with rosacea, sensitive skin and acne. I started with their “Detox Kit” ( and it was amazing. After 3 days the bumps I usually have along my jawline disappeared, and blackheads went bye-bye too! They also have a tool you can use to figure out which of their products will suit you best as your regular skincare routine. And the prices are great too. For 15% off your first order, shop through this link:

  67. Hi there,

    My husband just bought Down Under Naturals hypoallergenic shampoo. I’ve checked the website – seems to be a great natural shampoo, but iy doesn’t say anything about being cruelty free. I can’t seem to find a FAQ section – do you know anything about this brand??


  68. Hi guys
    It’s nice to have access to information like this. I am newly converted vegetarian and I also don’t want to use any tested on animals cosmetic products – I am looking for face cream now. Here is my problem: The most convenient for me is Shoppers Drug Mart. I did my research and got at least 5 brands that are cruelty free but they are also scent free. I need that nice scent in my cream. If you could recommend any brand, that would be awesome. Cruelty free but nicely scented. I can order on-line, not necessarily in the store.

  69. Hi there! I love your site, I was wondering if you had information on Tiber River Naturals? I do not know if this is a Canada wide company, but I’d really like to know. Thank you so much!

  70. Thank you for this website! I’ve been trying to switch out from Body Shop and MAC so this is super helpful and I’m very thankful. 🙂

    I recently found Kat Von D’s line at Sephora and was pleased to see it’s PETA certified cruelty free. Would it be a good addition to the list as well or would it fall under the grey zone as its cruelty free parent company owns companies that aren’t?

  71. Hi there,
    Unfortunately, not all of these companies are cruelty-free, or fair-trade companies.

    For example, Abercrombie & Fitch clothing is manufactured at a factory in the Philippines where union members and officers have been placed on forced leave.

    Also, method is now testing it’s products on daphnia (water fleas) in the UK.

    Be sure to always do your homework when choosing a new company. They can change their policies and never tell anyone.

  72. Hi Kelly,

    I have a question you may know the answer to. A part of Bill S-234 says, “(d) was developed or manufactured using cosmetic animal testing in Canada after the coming into force of this paragraph.”

    Does this mean that cosmetics coming in from other countries that are tested on animals will still be allowed?


  73. Hello,

    what about the brand ANNABELLE? If I am not mistaken it’s a sub brand of Marcelle which is here listed as cruelty free. So, is Annabelle then cruelty free too?

    • I took this from another very good cruelty free website

      **Benefit is NOT a cruelty free brand. Their products are for sale on the Sephora China website. China is one of the few markets that require that beauty products be tested on animals before they can be sold there. By selling in China, Benefit shows that they are not completely doing their part to respect animal life and be cruelty free**

  74. Thank you thank you thank you for this list!!!! So happy to find cruelty free products avaialble in Canada.
    Very dissappinted about Burt’s Bees as their shampoo& conditioner are great for my very fine, limp hair…. oh well. I just ordered Kiss My Face shampoo& conditioner.
    Also, i was looking for cruelty free deodorant and i got several now to try, yay!
    Thank you so much, your effort is very much appreciated!

  75. ‘Mad Hippie’ is cruelty free. Amazing face cream, eye cream, vit C serum , etc. no alcohol and plenty of antiaging ingredients (for us girls over 30 😉
    You can buy online, at whole foods or check their website as they list distributors by province.

  76. Lenity Soap is a vegan soap company from Calgary and they donate some of their sales to The Alice Sanctuary farm animal sanctuary. They’ve got soap, Epsom soaks, bath bombs and bath and body oils and they smell so good!

  77. Would you consider adding Down East cleaning products to this list for your Atlantic Canadian readers? Cruelty-free as well as non-toxic, biodegradable, and prepared from naturally-derived ingredients. Canadian manufactured in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I discovered them when looking for a cruelty-free dishwashing soap that would also be gentle on my sensitive hands. I have since tried most of their line and am very pleased with it! You can find it in most Atlantic Sobey’s and Superstores I do believe.

  78. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone knew of medicines/brands of meds that are not tested on animals? Maybe like natural remedies? Thanks 🙂

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  80. Hi, what a great list!
    I have used Curel fragrance free moisture cream for a long time, since it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction, however, it bothered me that there is no info about cruelty-free on their packaging. So, I called the number on the bottle, and the call centre assured me that all Curel products are cruelty-free, as well as all products by their American parent company, Kao. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t put that info somewhere on their product. Wondered if you know anything different to what I was told. Thanks!!!!

  81. Is equate brand use animal ? I use them mostly. Like toothpaste, mouth wash, body wash, soaps many stuffs selling @ Walmart.

    Please let me know because I am a vigan and syore others may wanted to know.

    Ketan Kothari
    March 22 2017

    • Each Equate product is sourced from a different supplier so it’s very hard to tell which products are cruelty-free 🙁

  82. I found Eco-Pioneer on your list. I looked up Simply Clean and these products are all produced by the same parent company: PureSource. Both product lines claim to be free of animal testing. Perhaps you would want to add Simply Clean to your list?
    Thank you for you work in maintaining this.

  83. Hi Kelly, Thank you for the time spent on making this list! I was wondering though that when a product is in your cruelty-free list because the company claims that their product has not been tested on animals, Are you taking into account that during the actual manufacturing of the final product – any of the ingredients may have been tested on animals ? Companies can be purposely very deceptive with their labelling in order to sell their products.

    • Hi Ann! I can’t really discover if every single ingredient has ever been tested on animals in the past. However, I actually don’t think companies are deceptive when it comes to labeling things cruelty-free. Most products don’t mention it at all. If they do go to the trouble of putting it on their label, I generally believe them – I have never caught a company lying about it – if I specifically question them and get a vague response, that’s a red flag and I won’t buy from them. But that’s the most I’ve seen – vague answers, beating around the bush, not really coming out and saying anything either way. I don’t think a company would risk actually lying about it.

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