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*Contest is now closed.

Yes, it’s true; is now 1 year old! Although I don’t find the time to publish as often as others and probably don’t get as many readers as other blogs, I love viewing the stats of where my readers come from; often through google searches for cruelty-free products. It feels great to think that maybe I am helping others choose a cruelty-free lifestyle.

But on to the celebration! Some amazing people from some of my FAVE companies have generously donated a bunch of samples (and some full-size versions!) of their cruelty-free offerings and one lucky reader will win them!

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post, telling me what your motivation is for going cruelty-free. Contest closes at the end of the month – September 30 at 11:59:59 p.m. A winner will be picked AT RANDOM from all entries put into a hat (or similar container).

Here’s to another great year ahead!


Special thanks for their donations: Luanne, my Arbonne consultant, Tricia from Bee’s Knees Bodyworks and Chantal from Cheeky Cosmetics.

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15 thoughts on “Anniversary Contest!

  1. My motivation for going cruelty free is what I believe should just be human decency. If we know it is wrong to harm a puppy or a kitten and we have the knowledge that something is labelled cruelty free so other things are not then why continue to be ignorant in purchases as vain as makeup, skin and body care.

  2. I have 3 adorable cats and the thought that any animal is put through pain, maiming and death for the purpose of wearing cosmetics makes me so sad, so I have somewhat recently starting switching my cosmetics, skin care and hair care products to cruelty free. I use Cheeky Cosmetics and love all the eye shadow colours!!

    • Cheeky Cosmetics does offer an incredible range of colours! Congrats on your recent switch; take your time and don’t get overwhelmed. I couldn’t afford to just throw everything out and start fresh (who can?) so I just gradually replaced everything as I finished using up items – at that point they were already paid for anyway so there wasn’t much I could do about it. Hope you find the site helpful 🙂

  3. As a rat mama and lover of animals, I could never imagine putting any creature through harm. There are so many natural and alternative options out there that using animal by-products or testing on animals is just unreasonable and cruel! To top it off, why are the companies using such harmful ingredients in their products to begin with? In my opinion, if a company is using ingredients that could possibly harm me or make me sick… I don’t want to use that product!!

  4. We don’t go to the vet when we are sick because we are different from animals so there is no reason to test on them. But every animal has a heart just like us so that means they bleed and feel pain. Inflicting torture onto them is the most immoral and disgusting thing a person can do. As humans we need to learn how to be humane.

    • You nailed it, Natalie – studies have shown that often results of animal tests do not relate to effects on humans anyway – it’s maddening!

  5. Cruelty is NOT Beautiful. No way!!
    Why should a poor animal suffer and die so one can smell like a fake chemical flower, or have shiny hair?? Its selfish isn’t it? And most of these typical beauty brands are full of harmful ingrediants to our bodies. Once applied on the skin, its absorbed into your bloodstream. Yuck!
    YOU can make a difference with your wallet by buying products that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. I do it and so do many others! I love the products I purchase and feel amazing that I choose to live a cruelty-free lifestyle!! There are oodles of products out there!! I actually make my own homemade goodies too!! Seriously it makes you feel like you are walkin’ on sunshiny goodness!! 🙂  And you make a difference for the animals, our dear and beloved earthlings who share this planet with us. They deserve better. They deserve life. They deserve LOVE.

    • Yes one of my first reasons for looking for alternatives was finding out the (early signs but still) link between parabens and breast cancer–being a body cream addict, I didn’t want to keep putting that stuff on my skin! I love that cruelty-free often goes hand-in-hand with natural and local!

  6. I became especially aware of animal cruelty when I rescued one of my cats. Thankfully, he did not suffer before I adopted him. However, his transformation from being skittish to trusting, clearly showed that animals are clearly capable of thought and emotions. They do not deserve to suffer because of human vanity.

  7. Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal and felt love? Compassion, empathy? I have, and I do, everyday. My eyes are open to the suffering that we as humans unnecessarily cause many of the other species on this planet.

    I choose compassion over all. There are so many great cruelty free products available, there really is no reason to choose otherwise.

    I do it because I feel that I am an equal to our animal friends. LOVE <3

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