Bubble Bath for Kids

My son is turning 4 tomorrow, and he has a love-hate relationship with bath time. One of the things he loves is the bubbles! Finding cruelty-free bubble bath was easier than I thought. There are various cartoon character tie-ins available, but so far they all seem to be made by Nikelodeon or Treehouse. The photo below shows a bottle of “Sponge Bob” bubble bath I found for $2 at Dollarama. I’m also showing the copy on the back so you can see what to look for.

Product: Bubble Bath for kids, Sponge Bob, I have also bought Dora. Treehouse has Max & Ruby.

Why I Love it: It’s cheap (at some stores, see below), but it produces lots of bubbles that last a good amount of time. My son likes to squirt it into the water himself and pretty much always overdoes it. It’s nice that it doesn’t cost a lot when we go through it quickly! It is made in Canada – yeah!

Watch out for: Displays often have other character-related body washes and bubble baths that are made in China and not cruelty-free right next to these ones so always check the label!

Where to Buy: Dollarama is the cheapest at $2, but you can also find it in most large drug and grocery stores. I’ve seen the Treehouse brand ones priced at $6.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart – ouch!

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