Bubble Bath for Adults!

I enjoy taking baths. And everyone knows you can’t have a bath without bubbles. I’ve been using Nature’s Basics bubble bath for years, and was pleased to discover when I checked that label that it is cruelty-free. It comes in multiple scents. One of the best things about it is that it is sold pretty much everywhere – and it is made in Canada.

Product: Nature’s Basic Souffle Foam Bath. Regular price is usually $5.99, but I often see it on sale for $2.99, then I stock up!

Why I Love it: A little goes a long way – you don’t need to use much to create lots of long-lasting bubbles. The scents are nice without being overpowering or perfume-like. It is made in Canada and not only is it cruelty-free but also biodegradable and the plastic bottle is recyclable.

The Downside: It does contain SLS, which is considered unfriendly to the environment, and many people avoid it.

Where to Buy: This bubble bath is readily available, being sold at most major grocery and drug stores as well as discount department stores like Wal-Mart.


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