Breaking News – Eye Makeup Remover

Shocked to visit the Dollarama in my hometown of Exeter, ON (home of the white squirrel!) (I’m here visiting for a few days) and find Delon brand eye makeup remover BACK IN STOCK! Woo hoo! It used to be known as PUR(e) but was always listed as being made by Delon. Looks like it went missing while undergoing new branding/packaging. It remains $2.50 a bottle. I didn’t really need any at the moment, but after lamenting the loss of this from shelves, I bought one anyway just in case! Happy shopping!

Delon Dollarama eye makeup remover

3 thoughts on “Breaking News – Eye Makeup Remover

  1. Oh yes! Delon was a fantastic discovery for me too. I didn’t expect to find anything cruelty-free in Dollarama πŸ™‚ They also have Elf and Simple beauty products, also cruelty-free and vegan.

  2. i so can’t believe they sell this at the dollar store either!! It’s great to find cruelty free stuff that cheap. I struggle here in Wpg. to find stuff all the time!

    • Dollarama is the best! I haven’t posted in awhile because I keep finding so much stuff there and I get worried that people will get upset with me always talking about it ha ha.

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