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I’ve been using the Primer Facial Moisturizer from Batty’s Bath for just over a week now, and it has convinced me to switch from the very expensive Arbonne cream I’ve been using for a few years now. Have you met Batty yet? She started her line after years of battling with acne since the age of 10, and finding that none of the usual commercial products worked, and also wreaked havoc with her skin. Batty still makes all of her products by hand (with a bit of help, of course) in London, Ontario (just half an hour north of my hometown, yay!).

The moisturizer I tried says it’s meant for those with rosacea – now, I don’t have rosacea that I know of, but I am still suffering from acne in my 30s, and I have redness in my face that drives me nuts. The thing that first struck me about the moisturizer as soon as I put it on, was that I looked in the mirror and my skin was matte. I’m used to using creams that have SPF in them and so they tend to be greasy. Batty’s cream has natural sun blocking ingredients in it. I wouldn’t use it alone if I was outside all day, but for work last week, I was out running at lunch and although I got a big of redness on my chest and shoulders, my face remained burn-free – success!

I also noticed over the week that my skin was less red, less oily and my acne has started to calm down. I am so excited to try out other products from Batty’s; I’m hopeful that adding more of them into my routine will have me seeing a “transformation” like so many customers mention in their testimonials. Even her own is shown on the site –  yes, you can see Batty’s own “before” and “after” photos here.

Speaking of trying more of these great products – TODAY ONLY – JUNE 20 – is FREE SHIPPING at Batty’s Bath! Just enter code “HELLOSUMMER” at checkout.

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Batty's Bath Primer Facial Moisturizer

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  1. I have been battling acne, oily skin and redness, worse in the heat. I have been looking for a new moisturizer too (using Arbonne Calm for the last few years) This post just made my day!

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