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Well, here it is, my long-awaited second post about Spa Sisters. (Read the first one here.) I’ll try not to gush as much this time! I know body wash is the thing nowadays, but I was raised using bar soap and have never given it up. I just don’t feel as clean using body wash, somehow. Is that weird? Anyway – once again I was a loyal brand consumer, first to the green Zest that my mom bought for years that eventually was discontinued, then to Dove Sensitive Skin bars. I’ve tried some others over the  years but my skin seems to be irritated by anything that is heavily scented – fruity or perfumey. I guess it’s all those chemicals needed to make it smell so nice.

This time, however, I wasn’t worried about finding a replacement. I mean, natural, hand-made soap is the in thing, right? You can find it everywhere! But if you’ve ever tried any ‘natural’ bar soaps, you will probably be familiar with the biggest complaint I hear – they DON’T lather well. Or really at all. Yes, most of us know that the generous lather of most soap products is thanks to lots of yucky chemicals but our brains still feel something is wrong when our soap doesn’t lather.

The joy I felt at finding Spa Sister’s Shea Butter Soap was kind of over the top! It lathers, it really lathers!!! And it doesn’t irritate my skin. After testing out the one bar I bought from them at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, I promptly went online and ordered 8 bars… yes, 8! (along with some of their delicious body cream…) I don’t plan on running out and I am using it in my son’s bathtub for his baths as well. They included a sample “Bergamot Bliss” soap for me which I haven’t tried yet… hmm, did they sense my problems with product loyalty (read: addiction) and make it easier for me to try new things? Yes!

Product: Spa Sisters Shea Butter Soap bar, $6.25 ea.

Why I Love It: It is a natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free product made in Canada by two sisters. It is great for sensitive skin and it lathers (I really can’t overstress this).

Where to Buy: Online here, or check out their limited retail presence here in case you live near a shop that carries their products. If you order as much as I do from them, you can get free shipping (over $100 – it’s easier than you think).

Spa Sisters Shea Butter Soap Bar

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  1. I am old fashioned and prefer to have baths. I used dove and it left very little soap scum. Does this soap leave a soap scum?

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