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Mr. Big and I sharing a contemplative moment on Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day! Here in the GTA it’s a beautiful spring day; what better time to wear my new Arm the Animals t-shirt! This is a brand I recently learned about, and if you are as passionate about animal welfare as I am, you’ll be placing an order after reading this post… if you make it to the end!

Based in California, for the past six years this clothing company has made giving back a part of its mission. When you buy from them, you can feel good about your purchase because a portion of the proceeds go to NO-KILL animal rescue groups and shelters (I highlight the no-kill part because that is an important distinction for me, personally). Also, they typically give to smaller groups where the money can have the most impact. This speaks straight to my heart, being on the board of a small Toronto-based rescue group myself that relies on donations and has no (over)paid executives!


My shirt is so soft and comfy and I’ve had so many compliments on it already at work today. It’s a great way to get people talking about an issue that’s otherwise not easy to bring up.

Of course, the best part is that the designs are awesome! I’ve already found so many more pieces I want, and I love how once you find a design you like, it comes in a multitude of colours and shirt options, from hoodies to tanks and tees. Here are some of my favourite items available now (all prices are in US dollars):

If you’re like me and like so many items you find it hard to choose, watch out for their “3 for 30 deals” where you choose one of their themes (for example; cat shirts!), and you’ll get 3 randomly selected cat design tees in your size – fun!

If you like my tee, you’ll find it here.

Arm the Animals Rabbits Kiss Women Tee

So head on over to Arm the Animals and get shopping! I’d like to thank Arm the Animals for my tee, and my wonderful model Mr. Big thanks you for choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle!


Mr. Big says THANK YOU!

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    • Hi Erica! Where are you shipping to? That is so strange because shipping to the Toronto area is $13.95… I feel like it must be an error…!

        • Hmm ok… It still seems crazy. I am going to mention it to the person I spoke to from the company. Because there is so much stuff I want, too! Lol. Thanks for the warning. I do have a US shipping address so that might be how I end up doing my next order if I get more than one thing at a time.

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