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Hi! My name is Kelly, and I am a working mom in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I live with my husband, our son, dog Bailey (a crazy beagle), cat Tiger, and horse Scout. Well, Scout lives at a barn nearby.

You may not know it, but beagles are the number one breed used in laboratory testing. Why? Because they are docile, eager to please humans, and very loving. Basically you can do anything to them and they won’t turn aggressive. I was devastated when I came across this information. Especially as the testing is usually for cosmetics and personal care products – how disgusting that we allow this to happen.

As an animal lover (and rescue beagle owner!), I decided to try to switch all of my household products over to cruelty-free options. I found this easier said than done in Canada. Where do you start? I started online, of course, as most people do when researching anything. There is some information available for the U.S., basically nothing for Canada.

I’ve had to do my own research and sampling of products to find what works as well as the products I’ve used my entire life, and don’t cost a crazy amount!

Trust me, buying cruelty-free is easier and cheaper than you think. And the great part is, it usually goes hand-in-hand with natural and locally made products – bonus!

I am still searching for some replacement products and hope to help others who are having trouble making this change. As more and more consumers choose to live a cruelty-free life, I hope we can end cruel and unnecessary animal testing for good!


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  1. Hi Kelly, I am very eager to follow your page! I also am a horse owner and dog owner and DEVASTATED to see what type of animal abuse is going on today! Maybe 100 years ago, but today? I am so eager to try the products you are looking into, as I know the best thing I can do is be a wise shopper!

    Looking forward to this blog with like minded people!

    Save the animals!

    Heather Lavis
    Kincardine, Ontario

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Heather! Just take your time, I’m still replacing some things as I use up old products. It is much easier and cheaper than people think and fun discovering new products especially local ones. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I’ve always been an animal lover but never paid attention to animal, cruelty-free products until now. I was quite exhausted from a week-long research on all types of lists provided by PETA and other non-profit organizations (mostly American) and was quite devastated to not have found one that’s Canadian-based.

    I just wanted to say that I am very happy to have come across your blog and will be checking in quite often and am looking forward to connecting with you to seek your thoughts on any new products/brands that I come across.

    Thanks again for your awesome work!

    Emily from Toronto

    P.S. I also have a Beagle and my husband and I named him Snoopy. He’s one of the great drivers behind my interest and research on lab tests. I’ve also joined this local group called Big On Beagles. Hope you’ve heard of them too!

    • Thanks, Emily! I did the same thing and it is exhausting. Companies don’t want it to be easy for us to know the truth as obviously they just want to sell their stuff. I started this blog after not finding any info for Canada and I’m so happy if it helps. I work with Big on Beagles, you should join their Meetup group as they meet at dog parks about once a month in the GTA and it is so fun to see 30-40 beagles running around together. I would love to meet you and Snoopy 🙂 they also hold an annual fundraiser in November that is awesome. If you saw today’s post on the Kentucky Belles on Facebook, I was lucky enough to transport them on the last leg of their trip here. Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. Hello! I cant seem to find your email anywhere on your website. Maybe I’m missing it. If you get the chance can you email me back for a possible product review? Thank you

  4. hi!
    just a quick note of thanks for taking the time to provide these lists. I only became aware of the testing on Beagles as short while ago via a Beagle Freedom Project Facebook post and am just now in the beginning stages of my research and product switch overs. I particularly appreciate the info specific to Canada and the explanation of the “grey zone” companies.

    although my husband and I do have pets, we don’t yet have the pleasure of having a beagle. but we’d love to and it was in my research of the different available ways to adopt a Beagle that I came across the Beagle Freedom Project and all this horrifying information about lab testing on these sweet and wonderful creatures.

    rather that just sit and be horrified, I have to decided to take action and do my part, however small it may be.

    thanks again and many blessings to you and your family!

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Jackie! Where are you located? Like you, I have seen all the work by Beagle Freedom Project online. I decided to try to find something local to support and now volunteer with Big on Beagles Rescue out of Toronto. We have foster homes all over Ontario and are always desperate for more! Check out our Facebook page for info: http://www.facebook.com/BigonBeaglesRescue

  5. Thanks so much for your list. I will be sharing it! This is such an emotional subject & it’s great to be able to go to the store & feel good about what you purchase. One note, I believe Annabelle Cosmetics is a Marcelle company and is therefore cruelty free;)

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I’m so pleased that you have spent the time, enthusiasm and energy to create and continue this website. It’s so important to offer this information…so many of us think that St Ives products are cruelty free, but I don’t see it on your list? Thank you…Cynthia

    • Hi, St. Ives products are made by Unilever – one of the worst companies for animal testing. So definitely NOT cruelty-free. I think years ago they used to list on the packaging that they didn’t do animal testing but nowadays you will not find that on any of their packages…

  7. Hi! Having relocated from the UK a few years ago, I was disappointed that it is so difficult to find reliable information about cruelty free beauty products. I even asked a beauty consultant in Shoppers Drug Mart and was told “Oh, nowhere tests on animals these days ….” Fortunately, I wasn’t born yesterday and didn’t immediately re-stock my make-up and skin care collection using the worst proponents of this horrifying industry. So, I just wanted to say, a big thank you for your site. All I want is to be well informed and able to make the right choices, and now I feel better equipped to do this. Much appreciated!

  8. Hi Kelly I have also made the switch to cruelty free products in my entire Home. The biggest struggle was skin care as I have switched all my household products to method which is a leading brand in cruelty free. I’ve rescued 2 dogs and can’t bare the thought of testing, skin are is what I struggle with. What is everyone using?

    • Hi Kasia – good job so far! 🙂 I found skin care and hair care to be worst – still not happy with hair care – sigh. It’s an ongoing struggle. Skincare is soooo different for everyone. I still get acne (seriously, does it ever go away?) and I have found Arbonne’s Clear products to work the best for me. I also am super fair so I wanted a daily moisturizer with spf 30 which is hard to find (many have spf15 only). Arbonne is pricey though. Would love for others to weigh in!

  9. Happy to have found this site and happy to be going cruelty free !! can you recommend a good inexpensive shampoo ?
    Stephanie, Montreal

    • Hi Stephanie! Off the top of my head – inexpensive brands you can use include Live Clean (at most drug stores) and believe it or not, there are several at Dollarama you can try such as Ur and Daily Defense. The Dollarama ones say they aren’t tested on animals so just read the back. Good luck!

  10. Very happy to find this site Kelly. Your lists are very helpful especially with the available at Well.ca notations. I have commented to them (well) about adding the cruelty free info to their features lists. Just placed another order, this time everything had to pass the ‘cruelty free’ scrutiny. Very slowly (but surely) changing all products to ‘cruelty free’ and hopefully ‘natural’. Laundry detergent seems to be a tough on.

  11. Hi Kelly, I love your site, you’ve made my life so much easier since I decided to go the cruelty-free route. You may have commented on this already and I apologize if you have, I can’t seem to find it – have you looked into the ‘Kit’ brand sold at Rexall? I’ve been using them for makeup tools but can’t find anything online about their policy on animal testing.

  12. Hi Kelly;

    I have just recently found your website. After the airing of the W5 special last week, my husband and I were totally appalled that they test on dogs!! It has sparked us to now use products that are NOT tested on animals period!

    We live in the Sudbury area and having trouble finding some products in regular stores. I will purchase online as a last resort if I can’t find anything in the stores. I love that you have a list of all the company’s that do and don’t test on animals. I’m trying to find a mouth wash and deodorant for myself and my husband. He works in the mining industry and has trouble finding a deodorant that stands up to his job.

    Any recommendations would be greatly helpful!

    Thanks a bunch!

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