More Dollarama Finds

So, I braved the deep-freeze here and went out to do my grocery shopping and other errands on Sunday. I needed a couple of things from the dollar store, and everywhere I looked I kept finding more great cruelty-free products! So, I present to you, my most recent Dollarama Finds:

1. Daily Defense Shampoo and Conditioner with Moroccan argan oil: okay I know this is a total “fad” ingredient right now and I got completely sucked in. But how could I resist? $2 for each of these and they are HUGE. I used it last night and so far, so good. No problems to report! And BONUS – it’s made in Canada!

Daily Defense Morrocan oil shampoo and conditioner

shampoo back

2. DELON Body Cream – Coconut Lime. They also had Mango – I regret not getting both! I wanted to test it out first, though. This cream is nice, rubs in easily. Made in Canada!

body cream

And here are a few things I saw that I didn’t particularly need right now, but I thought were great deals:

Daily Defense Hairspray

Daily Defense Hairspray

Freeman Bare Hands Lavender Hand Cream

Freeman Bare Hands Lavender Hand Cream

Freeman Bare Foot Cream and Scrub

Freeman Bare Foot Cream and Scrub

Delon Baby Oil - Made in Canada!

Delon Baby Oil – Made in Canada!


Flower Cosmetics now at Walmart

An old friend notified me that “Flower” brand cosmetics are now in Walmart locations across Canada, so I made a point of checking them out. The signage blends into the background so I didn’t notice it at first:

Flower Cosmetics at Walmart

Created by Drew Barrymore, the brand’s philosophy is to make high-end cosmetics without the high-end price. How? They say that they do not spend on advertising in order to keep the price low while using the same ingredients as more expensive cosmetic lines. All products are cruelty-free and made in the U.S.

I was happy to see a “lip stain” type pencil product as that is my favourite way to apply lip colour (it’s called the “Lip Suede Velvet Lip Chubby” – what a mouthful!):

lip stain

Check out the range of products online here or at your local Walmart!

Breaking News – Eye Makeup Remover

Shocked to visit the Dollarama in my hometown of Exeter, ON (home of the white squirrel!) (I’m here visiting for a few days) and find Delon brand eye makeup remover BACK IN STOCK! Woo hoo! It used to be known as PUR(e) but was always listed as being made by Delon. Looks like it went missing while undergoing new branding/packaging. It remains $2.50 a bottle. I didn’t really need any at the moment, but after lamenting the loss of this from shelves, I bought one anyway just in case! Happy shopping!

Delon Dollarama eye makeup remover

Liquid Soap Refills at Dollarama

It’s been awhile since I gushed about Dollarama! I was at my local store the other day buying treats and I walked down the soap/cosmetic aisle to do my usual check to see if they have restocked their eye makeup remover (negative – sigh) and glance at all of the products. They haven’t been in my good books lately as I haven’t been able to find as many Delon-branded items. (If you’re new to the site, Delon is a lab in Montreal that makes some products specifically for Dollarama, and they are all labelled cruelty-free.)

For liquid soap, I have been buying all kinds; Method, Bath & Body Works, it depends. In a perfect world, I would buy everything natural and environmentally friendly, but right now, my current freelance gig is coming to an end, and my next one has yet to come along (yup, I have a REAL job, sadly) so money is definitely factoring into my household purchasing decisions more.

I almost didn’t bother looking at this soap refill bottle as I figured it was another made in China product common to Dollarama these days. Imagine my surprise when I turned it around to see the Delon stamp and familiar cruelty-free bunny logo. Yay! For only $2.50, this is a steal. For comparison, I saw the same size Method refill (1L) ON SALE at Target for $5.99. I picked up the Raspberry scent for now, but they also had Cucumber and Mango in stock. Awesome!

Product: Juicy Raspberry Hand Soap refill container by DELON, 1L container, $2.50.

Why I Love It: It’s made in CANADA (woo hoo!), it’s cruelty-free, it smells great, and it’s cheap!

Where to Buy: Dollarama stores across Canada.

Delon Fruit Liquid Hand Soap Refill

Back label Delon liquid soap refill

Announcement: Exciting New Partnership

Did my headline draw you in? Well, this IS an announcement and it IS exciting, I think. Last week I was honoured to get a call from the Canadian division of Humane Society International, asking if I would like to collaborate with them on their mission to end animal testing in Canada.

HSI is a body working for legislative change to ban cosmetic animal testing within our borders. Of course I jumped at the chance to be able to help in any small way with this campaign. According to polls, 88% of Canadians feel that testing new cosmetic products on animals isn’t worth the pain and suffering that test subjects endure. So why is nothing happening to our laws to catch them up to how we think and feel about animal testing? The government needs to be pushed to make changes.

I highly encourage you to visit HSI’s website, like them on Facebook and follow their progress. I will let you know of upcoming events and ways in which you can make your voice heard!

Here’s hoping that by this time next year no animals will have to suffer in Canadian laboratories for cosmetic product testing.

Humane Society International Be Cruelty Free

Out and About, New Brands Added

Just a quick note as I haven’t been posting here too often. Please “like” my Facebook page as I am much more active there. I haven’t been trying out too many new brands lately but am still very active in researching companies! And thanks to a lot of reader in put, my list of cruelty-free brands available to Canadians has grown substantially! I’m hoping to categorize this page better soon so you can tell which companies do what. Check it out and especially consider all of the great Canadian companies on the list.

Also – this weekend, July 19, for anyone in the GTA, I will be helping out at the Big on Beagles charity table at the AMAZING Bahr’s Saddlery anniversary sale. Come out and enjoy the BBQ; all proceeds will be going to this wonderful charity! Plus, you can meet and greet some of the adorable beagles rescued by BOB. If you know any horsey people, this is the best sale I have ever seen – crazy deals to be had all weekend.

New Family Member…

At the end of January, my family got a little bit bigger – we took in our second rescue beagle, Laura-Bell. Named after a famous Kentuckian, she came from a rural Kentucky shelter, dumped at 10 years old after being deemed no longer useful as a breeder. She came with some health issues, including heart worm, but everything is taken care of and now she is doing great! At half the size of my other dog, Bailey, this little girl is just 18 lbs and so sweet. She was scared of everything at first – she was kept in an outdoor kennel so had never known a real home with real love. Kids especially frightened her, but now she cuddles up to my son on the couch and gives me kisses on the nose! We have just fallen in love with her. Bailey… tolerates her. ha! Which is good enough for now.


Watkins Cleaning Wipes

A few years back I bought a pack of 2 large containers of Lysol wipes at Costco. Those suckers lasted forever! I use them regularly, for quick wipe-ups in the kitchen and to immediately de-germ stuff I bring home from the thrift store (particularly kids’ toys). When faced with replacing the Lysol wipes, I hit a wall when searching in stores. The only alternatives seemed to be Green Works – owned by Clorox, no thank you!

So I went to the web and of course my fave site had a solution for me. J.R. Watkins’ All Purpose Wipes are exactly what I needed. So much… nicer… than Lysol too. As in, not full of chemicals! They are a new staple at my house! They are such a go-to item for fast/convenient cleaning. Let me know if you find any others!

Product: J.R. Watkins All Purpose Wipes in Lemon ($6.49) or Aloe & Green Tea ($6.49), 35 wipes per container. I had the lemon scent and it isn’t strong at all. Nice.

Where to Buy: at here.

J.R. Watkins All Purpose cleaning wipes

Photo credit:

Preserve Razors & Replacement Blades

Your razor probably isn’t one of the items that comes to mind easily when you think about going cruelty-free. It’s been a whole year and a half for my household, and I was still using my Gillette Venus. Recently I posted a list of some of the worst offenders in animal testing, and Gillette is on it. So, I figured it was about time to switch, as I don’t want to keep buying blades from them. I don’t want ANY of my money going to a company like that.

The only real alternative I have been able to find (recommended by Beagle Freedom Project) is called Preserve. The easiest way to find one in Canada is to order it from here. It comes with 2 triple blades, and they sell replacement packs. Aside from being cruelty-free, the Preserve razor handle is made of 100% recycled plastic, and is itself recyclable, which I think is awesome!

In my photo you can compare it to my pink Venus and older purple Gillette razor. Now, I used it once and it did the job just fine. The blades are great. But… as you can tell from the photo, the Preserve handle is pretty small. Skinnier than the Venus, I found it hard to hold onto… and I have small hands. Although it works well, I don’t really find it to be very user-friendly, if that makes sense. Also, on the image is green. I was sent a dark grey version. Not that it matters… but now I wish I had added a note to send me a girly colour! Yes, I’m being silly. I don’t know the range of colours available (their site just says “Assorted Colours”) but their functionality is lacking since you don’t get to pick.

Solution: My Venus is headed to the trash. My older purple sparkly Gillette razor just happens to take the Preserve blades perfectly (they hook in at each side). My mom bought this for me about 14 years ago, so it has sentimental value (I know, weird, right?). It is a “sunk cost” as my sister the accountant would say, meaning Gillette got their money for it that many years ago, so I don’t see a problem with continuing to use it if I buy the Preserve blades for it.

Product: Preserve Razor with 2 blades, $8.29 at, Pack of 4 triple-blade replacement cartridges, $8.99 at


L to R: Gillette Venus, Preserve, Gillette (older model)


OxyLift part 2 – Eye & Neck Cream

Like a lot of us, I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I can’t get away with a lack of sleep like I could in my 20s. I am a person who needs at least a full 8 hours to look and feel my best… preferably 10… ha ha.

So. How often does that happen? As a full-time working mom, pretty much never! I get one day a week where I get to sleep in (my husband and I take turns on the weekend) and more often than not, there is some reason I need to get up anyway. So I have tried multiple products to try to hide dark circles under my eyes. If an eye cream will help hide or prevent wrinkles as well, bonus!

OxyLift’s eye and neck cream definitely lives up to its description. It tames the bags and brightens my overall tired eye area. Luckily I don’t have too many wrinkles to worry about yet, but it can also be used to fill in lines like crows feet, and lines above your lips. I have been using it on my neck as well as a preventative measure; as the neck is one spot products generally don’t target, but that suffers greatly from aging!

I love that this cream isn’t greasy, absorbs quickly and believe me, a little goes a long way. It will last you a long time (their website says at least 6 months!). It does have a light scent that I think is lavender. But nothing artificial! And the best news – right now it’s on sale!

Product: OxyLift Eye & Neck Cream, $44.95 / 50 mL.

OxyLift Eye & Neck Cream